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Ode To Anne Boleyn


England -- Queen Anna Boleyn --1536., Digital ID 811184, New York Public LibraryIn novels, movies, television, too, you’ve been all the fashion,
Because yours is a story of such tragic passion. The Boleyn girl book has become a cottage industry,
All because of your rampant celebrity.
A sorry pawn of an ambitious father,
Or a scheming hussy full of bother?
Which is the truth, despite all the tales,
Did you deserve to go down on Justice’s scales?
A pretty face, a slender neck,
All the better for Henry to bedeck,
You with glittering jewels and such trumperies,
While his pious wife went down on her knees,
And prayed for a means to ensure Henry’s love,
Cast off as surely as any old glove.    

You played upon the king’s mania for an heir,
But the birth of a daughter led to despair.
No matter that she would later steal the scene,
By becoming England’s greatest queen.
This triumph was one that you’d not live to see,
For Henry’d grown tired of your company.
No matter your protests and cries,
That charges of adultery were all lies.
The time for untruths to be told,
Sent two men to the scaffold.
Lovely queen to grace a monarch’s bed,
Your fame would come only when you were dead.
But like all romantic fashions, yours will end,
And some other woman will bow and bend.
I wonder what tragic figure she will be—
Someone sad, like Cassandra or Antigone?

Historical Footnote: the library catalog has 96 books on Anne Boleyn, of which 24 are works of fiction (many of them recent publications). You can find these titles under the subject heading: Anne Boleyn, Queen, consort of Henry VIII, Kind of England, 1507-1536


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What fun this was to read!

Barve-Ode To Anne Boleyn

Thanks Cynthia! I guess I'm not always sure that it's the right thing to do to bust out occasionally with this sort of diversion. Most of the time, I try to do what was asked of me, which is provide an educational blog on a topic of interest and relate it to the Library's holdings. But one aspect of a blog is the personal voice, and sometimes mine just wants to have a laugh! Like my previous post on the Tudors, I was just so amazed at finding a television program that provided me with such visual pleasure. I've been thinking over the last ten years or so that television is that big "wasteland" that it once was called long ago. And along comes something that I actually look forward to viewing! Wish there was more...

The rise and fall of Anne

The rise and fall of Anne Boleyn is something some of us can relate to minus the execution. Hardly recognized, Anne is Elizabeth's forerunner, with out knowing it she prepared the way for her daughter and the Golden Age. Would there be a Canada, Australia, New Zealand today if she had not rose to power and convinced Henry to severe the Pope's influence and power on England? Would we be speaking Spanish today? Everything depended on the rise to power of Anne and no doubt the reason why the Pope tried to have her and her daughter killed. How fitting that Elizabeth would outshine her father and all other English monarchs. Hymnos Annas, Basilis Anglias - A Hymn to Anne, Queen of England

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