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The Red Hook Pool (inspired by Sachi Clayton’s post Swimming Pools)


One.. two.. one.. two.. touch, pull, push, glide. Three.. four.. three.. four.. touch, pull, push, glide. Seven.. eight.. seven.. eight.. touch, pull, push, glide. Stroke.. stroke.. breath, stroke.. stroke.. breath. Glide.

The morning sun is refracted in the water. The water shimmers and sparkles. The water is quiet. The lanes are filled with swimmers partaking in a morning ritual. Their arms twirl in a constant rhythm. Their legs kick in sympathy with their arms. From afar it looks and has the feeling of the slow twirl of windmills. And like a windmill, the arms and legs of the swimmers are creating energy, propelling each swimmer forward. Each swimmer’s stroke is unique, like handwriting.

Every summer New York City opens its pools to the public around the 4th of July. Some of the pools offer lap swimming for the more serious minded swimmers in the morning and in the evening. The Red Hook Pool is one of the New York City pools that offers this precious bit of time for lap swimming. The Red Hook pool is a large pool, gargantuan actually and a third of it is for the sole use of lap swimming. Between 7:00 AM and 8:30 AM a consistent group converges on the lovely lonely streets of Red Hook in a race to make it to the pool. Once there we don our caps and goggles and jump in the water for what is essentially the best part of the day for many of us. It is the time to partake in a completely solitary, thoughtful aquatic experience. Your thoughts are completely your own, no distractions except yourself. You can let your mind wander or endlessly count five.. six.. five.. six.. stroke.. stroke.. stroke, fulfilling a completely rewarding and self-stimulating aquatic song. It is an invigorating and ultimately relaxing experience, despite the deep cardiovascular action taking place deep in the body. And the best part is you feel the pleasure in your body for most of the day. You stand taller, walk strongly and feel more calm than others around you. The subway is late, so what, I just swam a mile.

The Red Hook Pool opened August 17th 1936 , constructed by the Parks Commission with the WPA funding behind it. Mayor Fiorello La Guardia did the dedication of this beautiful one million dollar pool with Robert Moses the Parks Commissioner by his side. The Sycamores were planted in a straight row on either side of the entrance. 40,000 attended the opening ceremony that night. It was the eleventh pool opened in what even then was considered a slum neighborhood with a heavy industrial element. Only recently has that description begun to change. For many years Red Hook seemed timeless and now that is not true.

If you ever have the chance to visit the Red Hook Pool, please make a point of seeing the three large intaglio plaques that sit high on the wall facing the pool. Each plaque depicts different athletes taking part in a sport. Tennis, basketball and track (hurdles) are represented in these wonderful WPA cement gems.

Sachi Clayton's blog Swimming Pools

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Lastly, the New York Times article on the opening day of the Red Hook Pool dated 8/18/1936.   


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NYC Pools

Cynthia, you've inspired me to try to make adult swim in the morning!

wow, not a single person in

wow, not a single person in that photograph, how is that so?

A question of choice

Oh the swimmers are there, they are just way off in the distance. I did have a photo of the swimmers but that photo did not capture the breath and size of the pool. I will see if I can do a better photo that includes the swimmers and if so I will add it.

I swam here for the first

I swam here for the first time this afternoon when I got out of work early. I am having trouble finding the typical hours that are available for lap swimming. This morning session looks a little too late for me since I leave for work about 7:45 and don't usually return until 7:30pm, after the pools regular hours are over. Does anyone know if there are weekend hours and if so is it really crowded? I sure wish those hours were 6am - 8:30!!!

Lap swim hours - Red Hook Pool

The pool has dedicated hours for lap swimming in the morning from 7-8:30 and then in the evening from 7-8:30. During general operating hours, there is also lap swimming. Naturally the pool is more crowded and the lap lanes a bit disorganized because all kinds of people will go into the lap lanes. If you are a dedicated lap swimmer, it is harder to if not impossible to do serious lap swimming during general operating hours. However, no matter what, it is always nice to jump in a pool to splash around and cool off. Below is a link to lap swimming information at NYC city pools.

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