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The Flag of Staten Island


Even though I have read about this flag, I don’t recall ever seeing this being flown anyplace on Staten Island. I think some people think the big hill in the background is the garbage dump. And seagulls? Not the most beautiful or noble bird in the world! Somewhat of a scavenger, I believe. Maybe it is just as well it isn’t flown anyplace!

Some history:

Flag Description
From: Staten Island Chamber of Commerce

The flag is on a white background in the center of which is the design of a seal in the shape of an oval. Within the seal appears the color blue to symbolize the skyline of the borough in which two seagulls appear colored in white.

The green outline represents the countryside of our borough with white outline denoting the residential areas of Staten Island. Below is inscribed the words Staten Island in gold. Under our borough name are five wavy lines of blue to symbolize the water surrounding us on all sides. Gold fringe outlines the flag.

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SI Flag

NOT FLOWN ANY PLACE____ you sure a negitavie one. or just have poor humor. I Never knew that SI had a flag Who designed it and where can it be purchased? The hill on the flag DOES NOT represent "the dump" !! Don't be so derogatory after all you probably contributed to "the dump' and should say sorry and thank you to all pre-dump and bridge NATIVE Staten Islanders. Take a good look at our Island its hilly ... "area of north central Staten Island. It is well exposed along a prominent ridge that reaches an elevation of 135 meters above sea level on Todt Hill. This is the highest elevation of any natural feature in NYC, and in fact is the highest point on the US eastern seaboard south of Maine." As far as the seagulls -- guess you don't like the sea, ocean and marine life -- gulls just go hand in hand with living on an ISLAND. Staten Island is like an aviary with a vast variety of flying creatures, some of which are rare; if you're interested find a website to help you get to know the Island and its wild life -- call the parks department or the borough presidents office. As far as the flag -- its a great source of pride. maybe its time to resurrect the "flag bill" and get it passed. or produce them and fly it in front of your home. After all we're still free in America to express ourselves and there are many with Italian Irish Puerto Rican Chinese Russian Arabic Jewish Greek and other flags being displayed, so why not a Staten Island one??? Key west flies its flag. Think I'll get on this asap Have a nice day

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