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Economic Woes Make Conservative Clothes


Broker ; Madison.,[Single- and double-breasted topcoats], Digital ID 1599920, New York Public LibraryWhat happens to fashion when the global economy becomes strained? The answer isn’t clear, by any means, but there are hints from past circumstances. Generally, clothing stays conservative, or doesn’t vary from the ideas seen in the last pre-troubled seasonal lineup. I’d made some New Year’s predictions which seem to be falling short of expectations. Baby doll styles, shrunken jackets, and giddy colors can still be seen for sale en masse. The only thing I predicted that seems to be turning out as I’d hoped is a steady drumbeat for ecologically-minded, or green, fashion. 

Which brings me to the 1930s, a time when economic bad news was pervasive. Ironically, some of the clothing to come out of that decade proved to be stylish, and came to be labeled as “classical.” Men’s suits, for example, received accolades for being glamorous: well cut, smart lapels, and textural dash. This had everything to do with the fact that Hollywood and its talkies had a great impact on popular culture of that period. Movie stars are still considered fashion icons. Financial recession these days, however, will mean that innovation is stifled. Lack of cash will force designers and companies to sit on big changes in garments. Look for classical to have a strong run this year…


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Gotham Gazette's Budget Maze

Navigating the City’s budget process can be difficult, time consuming and, at times, frustrating. But never fear Gotham Gazette has just launched a new online game: The Budget Maze. It is a fun, informative way to learn about the ins and outs of the city's budget process. One level involves restoring funding to keep public libraries open 6 days a week. Players will take the role of a knight, setting out to rescue funding cuts from the budget dungeon. We've given players 180 days, from January to the end of June, to find their way through the maze and emerge with funding. How are these decisions made? How can citizens step into advocacy and get involved in shaping the city budget? Our game will test their knowledge of those questions and (we hope) teach them a little bit about how the city budget works. We believe that this game is a great tool for grassroots activists and board members alike. It has three levels one of which is to restore funding to allow public libraries to stay open 6 days a week. So, grab your torch and step into <a href=””>The Budget Maze</a>.

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