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Genealogy is Fun! The Mystery of H. Paulmier solved


We all like a good challenge sometimes and one presented itself to me in these three images:

Coddington School, Quincy Mass., Digital ID 1629728, New York Public Library







Old First Church, Quincy, Mass., Digital ID 1629730, New York Public Library







Residence of William Coddington, Quincy Mass. built 1636, Digital ID 1629729, New York Public Library

While they are not aesthetically beautiful they are lovely documents of a specific time and place. All images are from Quincy, Massachusetts. The first is of the Coddington School, the second of the Old First Church, and the third is of the residence of William Coddington. The inscription on the back of each reads, “H. Paulmier 2 Landscape Pl. Yonkers, NY.” Since photographs are most useful to us when dated and ascribed to a photographer I decide to find out who this H. Paulmier could be.

Library of Congress has a name authority heading for a Hilah Paulmier. Not only is this, but her full name listed as Hilah Coddington Paulmier. An interesting connection. It turns out that we have materials for Hilah Paulmier, mostly books on holidays published in the 1930s and 40s. But is this the same Paulmier? And if so, how can we be sure? I look in almost every biographical resource I can think of. She wrote some books, published a few newspaper articles but she’s just not famous enough to be found.

It was time for the census. I searched for a Hilah Paulmier and found her in the 1900 census and the 1910. She was too young to have an occupation and was listed as a student. Somehow I couldn’t find her in the 1920 or 1930 census.

She has an unusual name, why was she still so hard to find? I decide to search for all the Paulmiers in Yonkers and when I do, I find her. She had not married and never changed her last name. Her first name, however, was misspelled in both the 1920 and the 1930 censuses, once as Hilar and again as Hilda. But I’m sure it’s her, and this time she's listed with a profession: Librarian! (at the NY Library, could that be us?) The address also matches: "2 Landscape". A little more genealogical research shows that her mother’s maiden name was Coddington. With all of that, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve found our photographer.


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Sachi, please read

Hello! I am a relative of Hilah Paulier, who you have referrenced a few times in your blogs. I'm interested in any extra information you may have about her from your research. Thanks! Chelsea B. Wilson

related to Hilah C. Paulmier

I was named Hilah after my grandfather's sister who is Hilah Coddington Paulmier. This relationship is on my mother's side of the family. I too am interested in her history and that of Carlton Paulmier, her brother. Thank you for whatever information you can pass along.


As for Hilah Paulmier, I included most of what I discovered about her from the census records. I looked briefly in a database called <a href=""> Ancestry </a> for Carlton and found a handful of records. Apparently his full name is James Carlton Paulmier, he was born 1883 and seems to have died between 1910 and 1920 since I could not find him with his family in the 1920 census. His wife's name was Harriet and they had a son named Carlton Paulmier, born around 1910. For more detailed information I would suggest searching Ancestry, which should be available at your local public library.

James Carlton Paulmier

James Carlton Paulmier disappeared in a train accident in about 1920. Subsequently his wife, Harriet Paulmier, moved out West with their five children, Helen, Catherine, Carlton, Marian and Harriet. Helen returned to live with her paternal grandmother in Yonkers, NY. The others remained on the West coast. They are all now deceased. Carlton Paulmier had five children including a son named after him who resides in Portland, Oregon. I am one of the the daughters of the second Harriet Paulmier and a granddaughter of James Carlton Paulmier (brother of Hilah Coddington Paulmier). connie-wagner at

I am the son of Carlton M.

I am the son of Carlton M. Paulmier I, Would like to hear from anyone that knew of him. I live in Oregon, I am his only son and miss him dearly. Today is 24 years that he has passed.

I am the daughter of Carlton

I am the daughter of Carlton M. Paulmier . Sister of Carlton M. Paulmier II who we are trying to reach please e-mail us with your e-mail address I love you


Im response to this blog, I am the daughter of Carlton M Paulmier II the only son to Carlton Paulmier Sr.

My name is Carlton

My name is Carlton M.Paulmier, my dad was born July 20th 1910, I am his son and I have a son name Carlton James Paulmier. Today is 24 th anniversary of my fathers death. I miss him very much. Please reply

My father Carlton was an

My father Carlton was an amazing man I miss him everyday we were very close I spent alot of time with him he passed away on December 4th 1985 it seems like yesterday I wish he could have been here to see all of his grand children and great grandchildren he would have been very proud, he left me some art work, colored charcols that Hilah Paulmier did in 1809 I think they are of the grounds? of thier home in Yonkers I am not sure. I know he was very proud of his only son Carl we all miss him.

Hilah Paulmier

Hilah Paulmier was my grandmother's aunt. My grandmother was Catherine Frances Paulmier (m Warren), sister to Carlton Paulmier. My grandfather was Wilfred Henry Warren, dod 1934.

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