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The Best and Worst Fashions of 2007


[Dogs Having A Fist Fight.], Digital ID 822822, New York Public Library[Recite to the tune of Who Let The Dogs Out? by The Baja Men:]

Another year is almost over and we can be glad 

To forget those designs that proved quite bad.

Jackets reduced to three-quarters’ size,

Elephant leg pants that widen our thighs.

Pursed with handles way too small,

Cruel stiletto heels that make us too tall.

Lots of new talent from the fashion schools,

But, in the end, Ralph Lauren still rules!

Throw the duds out! Throw the duds out!

Woof-woof-woof, woof woof…

It’s time for the fashion industry to forget the decade,

Of miserable 70s looks that they continue to parade.

Try something better, like 20s verve,

C’mon, designers, find a new learning curve.

Re-introducing the cloche hat is right on track,

Good things can be found when you look back.

Vintage is good, and retro is best,

If you need a vision, you can always look west.

Throw the duds out! Throw the duds out!


On product design, the situation remains bleak,

Hair dressing containers are guaranteed to leak.

Packaging created just for the sake of change,

Those conditioner bottles are absolutely insane.

Opening on the bottom so they won’t stand up,

Or those lotion bottles with lids way too abrupt.

Does every celebrity in the world need a perfume?

Half of the scents make one vacate the room.

Too many styles that make us look like a vulture-

If you want a culprit, just look at pop culture…

Throw the duds out! Throw the duds out!

Give us good design!

Woof-woof-woof, woof woof…


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