The NYC Veterans Oral History Project

The NYC Veterans Oral History Project was conducted from January - December 2013 at The New York Public Library in collaboration with The Veterans History Project at The Library of Congress. 

This community-based project was supported by volunteer interviewers who recorded the personal accounts of American war veterans in neighborhoods around the city so that future generations may begin to understand an important part of history from the people who lived it.  These interviews also helped springboard a series of Fall 2013 veterans programs.

We encourage veterans in New York City to continue to record oral histories.  Recordings will be stored in the permanent archive at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. You can send recordings directly to The Library of Congress and review the Veterans History Project for details:

Please e-mail or call New York Public Library (212) 592-7555 if you want to schedule an oral history training at your organization.

A digital collection of full interviews recorded at NYPL can be found below.