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Backstage: How Did We Get Here? (Islam in Europe, Part I)–LIVE Shorts

June 9, 2009

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How Did We Get Here? (Islam in Europe, Part I) – LIVE from the NYPL Shorts

ISLAM IN EUROPE—Insult: Fractured States? is a three-evening symposium on June 9, 10, and 11 that gathers prominent, cross-sector speakers from diverse disciplines and the Muslim diaspora to share country-specific perspectives on Muslim communities integration in European society. This opening panel, introduced by Mustapha Tlili (Founder of the Center for Dialogues at New York University), sets the historical framework for the entire symposium and explores how Europes socio-economic and political history led to contemporary, post-colonial immigration and integration issues.

Special guest panelists include Benjamin Barber (author of Jihad vs. McWorld), poet and writer Tahar Ben Jelloun, Imam Abduljalil Sajid (Chairman of the Muslim Council for Religious and Racial Harmony U.K.), and host David Brancaccio, Host of PBS newsmagazine NOW.


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Why a mike on the French speaker

Why on earth did they attach a microphone on the French speaker when it interferes with the english translation...? Not very clever when the discussion is meant in English and he already has a translator. He has an intelligent feedback and many probably, me included, would want to hear it properly. Also there is no volume control in the video feature, and its far too loud even if I reduce the sound on my computer.

Islam IS justifying religious beliefs to oppress women

The claim by the main speaker (name?) that the Islamic religion is not responsible for how Muslim women are treated is absurd. How anyone can make such a statement is strange. Islam is constantly justifying the brutality against its woman based on comparative references from their religion and what instructions religion tells them how to treat women. Perhaps this man needs to don himself in a burka and spend some time in the middle east to learn what the causes are for this brutal "problem with men" Muslim women have? The full and total issue is constantly one and the same: Islam. By constantly justifying the brutality of Muslim men as 'acceptable' according to their religion, there can never be laws that protect women from the non-entity status they have in Muslim societies. I have myself seen this first hand, and I therefore find the comment extremely callous, ignorant and in denial of the real issue behind this problem. If he is Muslim while he enjoys drinking wine - a practice forbidden in Islam - he is clearly only a pseudo-muslim by imagination.