Exhibitions: Lunch Hour NYC: Hot Dog Carts

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Edward Beller, one of the creators of the first stainless-steel hot dog cart, shares his memories.


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Hot Dog Push Cart

I love the amount of detail he goes into in this video. It's amazing how many subtle and precisely thought-out decisions go into a well-designed item - whether that is a dress or a hot dog push cart. He gives each decision its due - the wheels, the umbrella, the colors, the warming unit and the ability to sustain itself through hours and hours of constant and multi-seasoned use. Each of these decisions, once made, in retrospect seems obvious, but as a designer, I can tell you that it is anything but. To have created something in 1949 that is still highly functioning, and great-looking is a real tribute to him. Great idea to interview him. His story shows the optimism of real entrepreneurship - the American Dream wrapped up in a warm bun! Thanks, Ed and thanks NYPL!

fond memories

I knew and did business with Ed and later with Jack. Would come down from Hartford, CT.
Got my carts from Admar and my Franks from Barry Brenowitz the Sabrett Dist. in New Rochelle. Admar, bar none, were the best fabricators of push carts. Great memories Many years in the vending business and these guys were the best folks to work with.