News: Biblion Frankenstein: The Afterlife of Shelley's Circle

June 7, 2012

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Frankenstein and the Afterlife of Shelley’s Circle, the second edition of NYPL's collections-based app Biblion, shows how the questions we ask ourselves everyday — about technology, prejudice, gender — are all contained in a classic work of literature: Mary Shelley's 200 year old novel Frankenstein.

In Biblion, you'll how the same ideas get remixed over time, and how the classics continue to inspire and inform the world around us. Articles from experts and inspiring thinkers are paired with more than 550 photographs, prints, and maps from the unparalleled collections of The New York Public Library.

Plus, each article is linked to one of more than 750 pages of original source documents including the entire original handwritten draft of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, begun in 1816. We've paired this manuscript with a transcript of the novel's 1831 edition so you can toggle the published transcript over the original draft to see how Shelley changed and developed this classic work over time. 

Biblion: Frankenstein also includes new social reading features that allow you to participate in conversations about big ideas, vote on polls, and create new questions for other readers.

Download the groundbreaking iPad app from The New York Public Library, launching June 7, 2012

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