About the Catalog

April 2023

The New York Public Library has implemented a new catalog to help readers find and borrow books, music, DVDs, and more

This new catalog is focused on improving how NYPL patrons can access the millions of items in our collection that can be borrowed and taken home. In the previous version of the catalog, it could be confusing when a search for an item offered some materials that could be borrowed and some that could only be used on-site at the Library's research centers. The new catalog reduces that confusion by only searching for and showing NYPL materials you can borrow and take home, as well as digital offerings like e-books. Patrons interested in exploring our research holdings can learn more about conducting research at The New York Public Library.

The new catalog's modern and intuitive interface will make it easier to find titles and materials to borrow, place requests for those materials to be delivered to a Library location for pickup, and discover what is new at the Library. Start browsing for books, music, DVDs, and more right now, or read about the features of this new catalog.

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