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July 2024

City Budget Fully Restores Library Funding—Sunday Service Will Return

Great news for New York City! Public library funding was fully restored in the FY25 City budget adopted on July 1, 2024—a major victory for all New Yorkers. We are deeply grateful to City leaders—including Mayor Adams, City Council Speaker Adams, Finance Chair Brannan, Libraries Chair Rivera, and the entire City Council—for prioritizing libraries in this budget.

Thanks to the City’s full restoration of library budgets, The New York Public Library will reinstate Sunday service at those branches that previously offered it on a rolling basis beginning July 14, bringing service back to the levels provided prior to the November 2023 cuts. See a branch reopening schedule below.

The funding in the FY25 budget also allows us to continue providing universal six-day service and reverse cuts to spending on library materials, programming, and building maintenance and repairs.

Learn more about this funding restoration and its impacts.  


Locations Resuming Sunday Service July 14

Locations Resuming Sunday Service August 4



November 2023

Sunday Service Suspended at All NYPL Locations—Additional Proposed Budget Cuts Could Force More Closures

In November 2023, due to mid-year budget cuts from the City, The New York Public Library, along with Brooklyn Public Library and Queens Public Library was forced to eliminate seven-day library service at the vast majority of locations that currently offer it, while also reducing spending on library materials, programming, and building maintenance and repairs.

Now, New York City’s public libraries face a staggering $58.3M in proposed funding reductions in the upcoming FY25 City budget. If enacted, these cuts would further devastate library service in the city, including:

  • Reducing service at the majority of libraries to five days a week—down from the current standard of universal six-day service, which New Yorkers won in a budget campaign in 2015. 
  • Indefinitely delaying the reopenings of renovated branches, many in historically marginalized communities.   
  • Even deeper cuts to spending on library materials, programming, and building maintenance and repairs.

NYPL Locations Impacted by Sunday Closures

The last day of Sunday service at the locations below was November 26, 2023.

The Bronx


Staten Island


Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the Library make this change?

The Library made these changes to our services as a result of mid-year budget cuts in the City’s 2023 November Financial Plan. Learn more about how these city budget cuts are affecting all New York City’s libraries. Any further cuts to library budgets will result in even deeper impacts to the essential services NYPL provides for all New Yorkers—including a majority of our branches only being open for five days each week.

Why did the Library choose Sundays as the day to suspend service?

We know Sundays are a popular day for Library visits, but staff costs are 50% higher on Sundays. The New York Public Library knows how much New Yorkers rely on the vital resources we provide, and we are committed to meeting their needs as best we can during this challenging time. 

When will Sunday service return?

Unfortunately, at this time, the Library cannot provide a timeline for when Sunday service might return.  

Are there any other impacts to library service from these budget cuts?

As a result of these cuts, the Library will also be reducing spending on collections, programming, and maintenance and repairs at our locations. Unfortunately, this will mean longer wait times for materials, fewer programs will be offered, and repairs may be delayed or postponed, especially as we prioritize safety and operational continuity. Any further cuts—including the $58.3M in cuts and funding reductions in the preliminary FY25 budget—will result in even deeper impacts to the essential services NYPL provides for all New Yorkers.

Wasn’t funding for public libraries restored in the budget last year?

In the spring and summer of 2023, New Yorkers rallied around our #NoCutsToLibraries campaign. As a result, the proposed cuts to libraries’ FY24 budget were restored when the budget was adopted in June. However, since then Mayor Adams, citing increased costs, has introduced cuts to the city’s three library systems and city agencies. He has emphasized the need for more support from the state and federal governments to help address the financial issues facing the City. With the announcement of the FY25 preliminary budget, libraries are now facing $58.3M in cuts and funding reductions in next year’s budget.  

Is there a way for patrons to get involved?

Patrons can sign up to keep up with continued service changes and to learn more about how they can help support libraries as we advocate for restoration of our funding. On March 12, 2024, NYC’s public libraries launched an advocacy campaign to tell City leaders #NoCutsToLibraries! Patrons can sign a letter in support of libraries and it will be instantly delivered to elected officials.