Systemwide Statistics, June 1995

Fiscal Year 1995 Operating Budget


Operating Expenses:

Operating expenses of The Branch Libraries and Related Central Services and Administration: $101,841,000

Operating expenses of The Research Libraries, Librarywide Programs, and Related Central Services and Administration: $83,262,000

Total operating expenses in Fiscal 1995: $185,103,000


The Branch Libraries and Related Central Services and Administration:
Salaried employees: 1,726
Hourly employees: 654
The Research Libraries, Librarywide programs, and Related Central Services and Administration:
Salaried employees: 829
Hourly employees: 366

Total: 3,575


The Research Libraries

Collections: 39,729,724

Of this figure, 12,485,183 are book and book-like materials; the remainder consists of various categories of items, such as audio recordings, films, videotapes, maps, sheet music, prints, and clippings.

Users in Fiscal 1995:
Center for the Humanities: 1,266,549
Library for the Performing Arts: 370,037
Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture: 55,335
Library at West 43rd Street: 7,590

Total: 1,699,511

Number of Items Consulted in Fiscal 1995: 3,322,004

Reference Inquiries (telephone): 249,717

Reader Use
Business/Professional Users: 29%
Academic Users: 30%
Research Libraries Group: 10%
Other Users: 31%
Reader Use by Place of Residence
New York City: 80%
New York State: 7%
United States (other than New York City and New York State): 11%
Foreign Countries: 2%
Materials Preserved
Through restoration, preservation, microfilming, and reprint: 116,621
Other items: 18,613
Hours of recorded sound media: 699
Feet of motion picture film: 21,241
Number of titles of videotape media: 702
Volumes cleaned: 148,932


The Branch Libraries


Eighty-two facilities in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island, including four central service locations: Donnell Library Center, Mid-Manhattan Library, the Andrew Heiskell Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, and The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts-Circulating Collections.

Collections: 11,661,064

Of this figure, 5,449,248 are books; the remainder consists of various categories of nonprint items such as films, videotapes, materials for the blind, orchestral parts, pictures, and audio recordings.

Users in Fiscal 1995:
Bronx: 3,294,245
Manhattan: 3,102,309
Staten Island: 932,130
Central Library Units: 3,187,471

Total: 10,516,155

Library Card Holders: 2,140,564

Branch Libraries Use in Fiscal 1995:
Reference Inquiries: 5,616,065
Directional Inquiries: 4,933,929
Items Circulated: 11,509,390
Distribution of Free Material: 267,049
Computer Appointments: 62,792
Free Programs:
Adult: 3,384
Young Adult: 2,933
Children: 16,014
Special Services: 3,437

Total: 25,768

Free Program Attendance:
Adult: 127,417
Young Adult: 54,525
Children: 354,108
Special Services: 69,485

Total: 605,535

Community Agency Contacts: 3,499

Community Agency Services Profiles: 2,434

Branch Exhibits: 2,447

Materials Reviewed: 12,026

Titles Purchased: 95,303

Copies Purchased: 625,174

Titles Cataloged: 44,409

Items Processed: 462,658

Volunteer Services:
Number of Volunteers: 3,785

Number of Volunteer Hours: 23,823

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