Access to the Pforzheimer Collection

The Pforzheimer Collection is open to researchers who need materials available only in its holdings, and we require readers who have not consulted the published editions of manuscripts held here to look at those first. While no appointment is necessary to consult with collection staff, advance notification will ensure that materials are ready for you when you arrive.

No food or drink is permitted, and pens may not be used. Bags and coats must be checked in the cloakroom on the ground floor (at the 42nd St. entrance). The staff there will give you a plastic bag for laptops, notebooks, books, or other research materials. Photography (whether with phones or cameras) is generally permitted for research purposes.

Materials may be requested in advance through the reference address, Please obtain full citations from the research catalogue; it may be easiest to cut and paste citations from the catalogue. Paging is carried out as quickly as staffing allows.