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Missing Antiquarian Maps


The following maps have recently been discovered as missing from the Lionel Pincus & Princess Firyal Map Division of The New York Public Library. If you have any information about, or know the location of, any of these maps please notify Matt Knutzen, Assistant Chief of the Map Division at

Call # Digital Image Title Author Date
  Digital Image (WORLD) Typus universalis terrae, juxta modernorum distinctionem et extensionem per rena et provincias. (Extracted from: Reisch, Gregorius. Margarita philosopica, rationalis, moralis philosophiae principia) Reisch, Gregorius 1535
Map Div. 97-6268 Digital Image (VIRGINIA) Carta particolare della Virginia Vecchia e Nuoua : la longitune comica da l'Isola di Pico di Asores: d'America carta, III / A.F. Lucini fece. Dudley, Robert 1647
Map Div. (Atlas cases) (Renard, L. Atlas van zeevaert en koophandel door de geheele weereldt)    (WORLD) Atlas van zeevaert en koophandel door de geheele weereldt ... / voorheen in de Fransche taele uytg. door Louis Renard, en nu alle de kaarten ... naer de laetste ontdekkingen vernieuwt ... door Reinier en Iosua Ottens. De beschryvingen met veele vereischte zaeken vermeerdert ... door Ian van den Bosch Melchiorsz. Renard, Louis (Ottens, Joshua) 1745

Plate #1: (WORLD) Nova et Accruatissima Totius Terrarum Orbis Tabula Auctoribus. R. & I. Ottens Amstelodami, Nieuwe en Allernaau Keurigste Weereldt-kaert Door R. en I. Ottens te Amsterdam. 50.5 cm x 59 cm. In two hemispheres.


Plate #4: (WORLD)Nova & Accuratissima Totius Terrarum Orbis Tabula Nautica Variationum Magneticarum in de Juxta Observationes Anno 1700 habitas constructa per Edm. Halley te Amsterdam by R. & I. Ottens. On three sheets. 52 cm x 163 cm. 1:30 mill.


Plate #30: (NEW WORLD)Terra Neuf by R. & I. Ottens

Map Div. (Atlas cases) (Miscellaneous atlas)    Miscellaneous (composite) Atlas Wit, Frederik de/Thornton 16--

Plate #2.  A New Mapp / of / ENGLAND SCOTLAND / and IRELAND


Plate #3. A New Map of / IRELAND


Plate #5. A New Map Containing all the Citties. / Market Townes. Rivers. Bridges. & other / co[n]siderable places in / ENGLAND & WALES.


Plate #7. A / New Map / of the KINGDOME of / ENGLAND / And Principality of / WALES

Map Div. 02-295 ([No. 98]) Digital Image ID #481133 (NEW JERSEY) A new mapp of East and West New Jarsey : being an exact survey taken by Mr. John Worlidge / by John Thornton, hydrographer at the signe of England, Scotland, and Ireland, in the Minories, London. Thornton, John 1702–1707
Map Div. (Atlas cases) (Collection of maps)    (WORLD) Collection of Maps (Composite Atlas, No Collation Available) (vol. 3)... Missing Plates # 86, 89 &90 Nearby plate sequence... 84. America Septentrionale, 85. West Indies, 86. Missing, 87. Jamaica, 88. Martinique, 89. Missing, 90. Missing, 91. Novi Belgii (removed by NYPL), 92. America Borealis, 93. New France, 94 Newfoundland Visscher, Nicolaes 166-?–170-?
Map Div. 00-399 Digital Image ID #434613 (PENNSYLVANIA) To the Honorable Thomas Penn and Richard Penn, Esquires, true and absolute proprietaries and Governors of the Province of Pennsylvania and the territories thereunto belonging and to the Honorable John Penn, Esquire, Lieutenant-Governor of the same, this map, of the Province of Pennsylvania / is humbly dedicated by their most obedient servt. W. Scull ; Henry Dawkins, sculpt Scull, William 1770
    (TEXAS) J. de Cordova's Map of the State of Texas compiled from the Record of the General Land Office by Robert Creuzbaur, Houston. 1854 de Cordova, Juan 1854
Map Div. (Atlas Cases) (Faden, W. Collection of 26 plans of battles of the American Revolution)    (REVOLUTIONARY WAR) A collection of 26 plans of battles of the American Revolution. Pt. 2 Faden, William 1776–1793

Plate #11: (BOSTON) A plan of the action at BUNKERS HILL

Map Div. (Atlas cases) (Lootsman, J. Sea-atlas).    (WORLD) The sea-atlas, or, The water-world : shewing all the sea-coasts of y known parts of y earth, with a generall doscription of the same : verie vsefull for all masters & mates of shipps & likwise for merchants newly sett forth. Jacobsz (Loots-man), Jacob & Casparus 1671

Plate #28 Pascaerte van Nieu Nederlant, Virginies, nieu Englant en Nova Francia, van C. of Faire tot C. Forchu Amsterdam By Theunis Iacobsz op 't water inde Lootsman. 42 x 52.5 cm. 1:4.5 mill. 

    (WORLD) Terra Nova Ocaenus Occidentalis  Waldseemüller, Martin 1525
Map Div. (Atlas Cases) (Des Barres, J. F. W. Atlantic Neptune)    (ATLANTIC & GULF) Atlantic Neptune (Lenox Copy) Des Barres, Joseph F.W. 1780

(YORK) Plan of the Posts of York and Gloucester in the province of Virginia [2 sheets]

  Digital Image

(BOSTON) View of Boston


(PORT ROYAL, SC) Port Royal in South Carolina


(NY, NJ & CT) The Coast of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

  Digital Image (CAROLINAS) A new description of Carolina by order of the Lords Proprietors Moxon, James 1671
    (NORTH CAROLINA) A compleat map of North Carolina from an actual survey by Captn. Collet, Governor of Fort Thurston Collet, John Abraham 1770
Map Div. 01-11488 Digital Image ID #465249 (US) Map of the United States with the contiguous British & Spanish possession Melish, John 1816
Map Div. 01-1956   (VIRGINIA) A map of Virginia : formed from actual surveys, and the latest as well as most accurate observations / by James Madison, D.D., president of Wm. & Mary College.  Madison, James 1807
    (NEW HAMPSHIRE) An accurate map of His Majesty's Province of New Hampshire in new england, taken from actual surveys. by Col. Blanchard, and the Rev. Mr. Langdon. Portsmouth, 1761. 27"x 28 3/4" Jeffreys, Thomas 1761
    (MAINE) Map of the state of Maine, from the latest and best authorities. By Moses Greenleaf Esq., 1820. Greenleaf, Moses 1820
Map Div. 01-308  Digital Image ID #434801 (NEW YORK CITY) Plan of the city of New York in North America : surveyed in the years 1766 & 1767 / B. Ratzer, lieutt. in His Majestys 60th or Royal American Regt. ; Thos. Kitchin, sculpt., engraver to His Late Royal Highness, the Duke of York, &c. Ratzer, Bernard 1766/1775
Map Div. 01-1765 [Filed with N.Y.C., 1778]  Digital Image ID #484188 (NEW YORK CITY) Map of New York I. : with the adjacent rocks and other remarkable parts of Hell-Gate / by Thos. Kitchin., senr. hydrographer to his Majesty. Kitchin, Thomas 1778