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Best of the Web: Arts & Humanities » Literary Criticism & Theory

  • From the Department of French Studies at the University of Toronto. Its mission is to "advance concrete investigation, rather than purely abstract, theoretical or subjective efforts for. . .applied semiotics is considered here to encompass research on communicative structures and processes observable in actual literary (or other) texts."
  • The Association for the Study of Literature and Environment promotes the exchange of ideas and information pertaining to literature that considers the relationship between human beings and the natural world.
  • Works by women writers and an extensive listing of links to biographical and bibliographical information. Browse by author, century, country, or ethnicity.
  • An electronic journal of Marxist Theory and Practice.
  • Essay by John Lye.
  • An essay extracted from The Cambridge History of Literary Criticism.
  • "An anthology of ecological, philosophical, spiritual, economic, religious and cultural articles, editorials and reviews exploring the values of the planetary Ecosphere, itsecosystems, communities and wild species - as the natural and time-tested source of a new and compelling 'Earth Ethic' for humanity."
  • Currently contains links to over 650 postmodern theory resources, sites, and journals.
  • Index "covers journal articles, book reviews, and essays in books about women, sexuality, and gender during the Middle Ages."
  • Includes information on different literary genres, specific historical periods, pedagogical issues, politics and literature, and literarytheory.
  • A 1996 paper which questions theoretical claims that there is nothing intrinsically literary about literary texts and examines some empirial studies that appear to support a formalist postition.
  • This Staford University website provides an introduction to the life and work of the poststructural Marxist critic.
  • From the Stanford University Presidental lectures series, an introduction to the work, and links to other resources.
  • Collection of sites focusing on the leading exponents of postmodernism, including Antonin Artaud Jacques Derrida Michel Foucault Jacques Lacan Samuel L. Weber Laurence Rickels and Vilem Flusser.
  • "This site provides information for all those interested in the influence of the British imperial process on literature of the 19th and 20th centuries. Using colonial discourse and post-colonial theory as a point of departure, some pages examine the British idea of 'Empire' and the colonial enterprise in a selected range of 19th-century authors and their work others consider 20th-century texts, in an attempt to understand how imperialism affected literary texts produced in Britain's former colonies."
  • This site features an extensive collection of links related to postcolonialism.
  • Brief essays on literary theorys and trends, references for further reading, and suggested websites.
  • Stanford University website contains overviews of Derrida and deconstruction, and includes a bibliography, excerpts, and links to interviews.
  • Easy full-text searches and swift navigation for finding the connections between theories, theorists, and ideas.
  • Jouvert describes itself as "a refereed, multi-disciplinary journal published on the World Wide Web tri-annually. It thus offers a widely accessible--indeed, international--forum for the interrogation of textual, cultural and political postcolonialisms." Each issue features 6-10 essays and articles, perhaps some creative writing, and an annotated list of books received.
  • "LiteraryHistory is an index to full-text internet published articles covering more than 250 major American and British writers. Our links take you directly to thousands of thought-provoking articles by scholars, critics and poets, all screened by a literary scholar."
  • Provides links to numberous web resources.
  • In Britain and Europe, neo-Marxist approaches were common among media theorists from the late '60s until the early '80s, and Marxist influences, though less dominant, remain widespread. . . These notes are intended to provide a guide to some key concepts.
  • A brief online seminar from Illinois State University.
  • Contains the texts of books and pamphlets by Mark, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, and others.
  • Resources on a variety of theorists and schools of theory. Includes articles, bibliographies, and links ot other resources.
  • A survey from Poems, Plays, and Prose: a Guide to Literary Theory by Manfred Jahn, University of Cologne.
  • Definitions of terms, bibliographies, links to postmodernism resources, and more, from an anthropological point of view..
  • This site from the University of Alberta, Canada, is devoted to empirical studies of literary reading and associated theoretical issues. Contains online essays, bibliography, links to relevant websites.
  • Directory of links grouped according to categories which include: Primers, Resources, Corollary Sites, Conferences, General Readings, Critical Theorists, and Communication Theory. From the University of Colorado at Denver School of Education.
  • A guide to semiotics from the perspective of media studies. Contains a number of relevant links.
  • Provides links to relevant online resources.
  • An overview of structuralism.
  • A hypertext edition.
  • A web page created by members of the Fall, 1995 Yale American Studies Seminar, "Wilderness and the American Imagination."
  • A Stanford University website dealing life and work of the German literary theorist.
  • An e-journal featuring critical articles, book reviews, interviews, poetry and fiction, and link collections.

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