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Who I am.
Why I use the library.
...And what keeps me coming back.

My Library, English Conversation Edition: Meet Licia!

Afghanistan, Algeria, Argentina, Belarus, Belgium, Benin, Bolivia, Brazil, Burma, China, Columbia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, France, Gabon, Haiti, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Khazakhstan, Korea, Martinique, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela, Yemen... What do all of these countries have in common? The English Conversation Hour at the

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Winter is an Etching: An Artistic Quotation

Every November, the searches for Stanley Horowitz on Google gain momentum. Horowitz, a poet, published a tranquil 18 word poem in the November 1983 issue of Reader’s Digest magazine, page 109. Some years later the poem was posted to a list of autumn quotations on the Internet, sandwiched between poetry giants like John Keats and Robert Frost, and it has been used ubiquitously all over the web ever since. 

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My Library: Lily R. Wu

On Wednesday, November 9, the New Horizons Band for Adults played a concert at Chatham Square Library before an appreciative audience. It was their premiere performance at this library, and for a member of the flute section, it was a homecoming.

Lily, we had a conversation before the show about how you used to come to Chatham Square Library as a kid. So, tell me a little about your history with this library.

I came here when I was about five or six. My mother brought me 

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My Library, Anime Addicts Edition: Je-Andy

We had 14 patrons at last night's anime screening of Kenichi, the Mightiest Disciple. There are many people who work at the Library who help contribute to our regular programs. One of them is Je-Andy, an audio-visual page who helps set up Anime Night every month at Mid-Manhattan Library. I sat down with Je-Andy and asked him some questions.

What is your name and your age?

My name is Je-Andy and I'm 21 years 

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My Library, English Conversation Edition: Meet Guillermo!

Welcome to the latest installment of My Library, English Conversation Edition! We’ve been introducing you to some of the regular participants in the English Conversation Hour for intermediate, advanced and native speakers, which takes place at the Mid-Manhattan Library on most Thursday evenings at 6:30! We have a fabulous time meeting and chatting with people from all over the world. Feel free to drop by and join in the 

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My Library, Anime Addicts Edition: Heather

Heather, this month's anime patron, joins her sister Erin and her fellow library patrons Anthony, Matt, Bobby, Shanta, and Marcus as one of longest 

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My Library, English Conversation Edition: Meet Youngsil!

There's lots of English conversation activity around NYPL this week! Participants are signing up for the We Are New York English conversation programs in several neighborhood libraries and registration for NYPL's intermediate level English conversation groups also started in different library locations. Mid-Manhattan Library has hosted 

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My Library: Sharon

I had heard a bit about Sharon Anyimi; but I didn't know much. I knew she visited Baychester Library in Co-Op City — a lot — and was always reading books with the help of the Closed-Captioned Television system (CCTV), also known as the video magnifier, located in the Library. I knew she was a "people person" with a friendly word for all. I decided to wend my way to the northeast Bronx and meet this intriguing library user for 

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My Library, Anime Addicts Edition: Marcus

Last night, there were 17 people who came out for Mid-Manhattan Library's monthly Anime Night screening. This month, we watched popular game-turned-anime Disgaea. For September's patron feature, we caught up with Marcus. A man of few words, Marcus was nice enough to chat with the Library about why he likes anime and give us a few of his favorite 

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Meet the Artist: Harry Newman

On view at Mulberry Street Library in the Great Room is Harry Newman's photographic series, de-composition. Newman has presented in group and solo shows in New York and California, and his images were recently acquired for the permanent collection of the Dave Bown Projects. His most recent show, Last Woods, was presented in September 2010 by the Open Space Gallery in Brooklyn. This is the first exhibition of his latest series,

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Meet Kimberly and Theo

Once a month, the Mulberry Street Library hosts R.E.A.D. with Mudge, a special program in which children read aloud to a registered therapy dog and licensed handler. Named in honor of the national Reading Education Assistance Dogs program and Cynthia Rylant's beloved boy and dog books, Henry and Mudge, Mulberry's Street's team is made up of the wonderful Kimberly Wang and her amazing dog Theo. We 

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My Library, English Conversation Edition: Meet Tika!

There's a whole lot of talking going on at Mid-Manhattan Library on Thursday evenings! People from all over the world have been coming to Mid-Manhattan Library's English Conversation Hour for intermediate and advanced speakers. It's a great way to meet people and practice speaking English. Some people are just passing through New York on a quick visit, while others are planning to stay longer, maybe even forever. We're having a wonderful time meeting these 

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My Library, Anime Addicts Edition: Shanta

Are you ready for another edition of Anime Addicts? It's a new month, so we had a new anime screening: this time it was all about Kaleido Star — the story of Sora Naegino, a young girl who dreams of joining the circus.

All of our regulars were in attendance, including Anthony,

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Meet Beth and Forest

Once a month, Beth Neuman and her dog Forest, an 11 year old toy poodle, volunteer at Ottendorfer Library’s Paws ‘n’ Books program. The literacy program offers children ages six and older the opportunity to read aloud to a four legged friend for 15 minutes, helping to boost their reading confidence. We interviewed Beth before one of their Paws 'n' Books sessions.

NYPL: How did you meet Forest?

Eleven years ago a friend I worked with 

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Learning Piano and Learning to Read: Reflections from a CRW Tutor

At the Center for Reading and Writing at Seward Park Library, volunteer tutors work with small groups of students improving basic English reading and writing skills. Tutors are encouraged to reflect on their own learning, and to think how they have felt while learning something new. Here is tutor Alexandra (Alex) Steedman’s reflection.

"You’re never too old to learn" the old adage says. Taking this to heart, I decided to finally pursue a long standing 

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My Library, Anime Addicts Edition: Bobby

We've met Anthony. We've also met Matt. We've even met Erin. While those three patrons — attendees at Mid-Manhattan Library's monthly Anime Night screenings — 

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My Library, Anime Addicts Edition: Erin

On the first Wednesday of every month, Mid-Manhattan Library hosts a monthly screening of anime. Throughout this Sci-Fi Summer season, we will be featuring patrons who have been attending Anime Night. So far, we've met

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Finding Computer Help and More at the Library

Festus Udeugwu. Photo: Beowulf SheehanSome people take the Library for granted. Not Festus Udeugwu, a Nigerian immigrant from the Bronx.

Udeugwu, 68, who has been taking free computer classes at Morrisania Library, still can’t believe the wealth of free resources at his neighborhood library.   “The Library has been such a help. I never thought I’d learn to use a computer,” said Udeugwu, a grandfather who immigrated to New York City three years ago to be near his daughter and 

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Memories of the Library

This writer did not grow up in New York; however, he has many strong, memorable experiences of the library from his home state. Nationwide, and even internationally, many libraries are in trouble and in desperate need of funding. Please contact your local branch and see how you can help today. Also, please consider donating or writing your elected official now!

The library is many things to many different people; it is an abyssal democracy of plurality without end. Here, I 

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Finding Adventure in Every Page of a Library Book

Isabella Rosario. Photo: Beowulf SheehanIsabella Rosario, a 6-year-old from Staten Island, went to the St. George Library Center nearly every day last summer.

It more than paid off.

Isabella read almost 250 books in three months — making her among the city’s top readers in last year’s Summer Reading program, which encourages kids to keep reading during their vacation.

Now, though she is only in kindergarten, Isabella is already reading at a second-grade 

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