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Instructions for Transferring BARD Books to Cartridge Using a Screen Reader

Once you've downloaded a book to your computer, you will need to move it to a cartridge or flash drive so you can listen to it on your digital player. This set of instructions will work in all common versions of Windows. It is geared for downloading to a cartridge, but will work for other players such as the Stream. You simply plug the player’s SD card (instead of the cable) into the computer. Every computer has different drive letters for the various ports; that is really the only variable in the instructions.

How to transfer books from your computer to your cartridge using Windows 7

1. Connect your cartridge to the computer using the cable you got with the cartridge.

2. Eventually, you will hear several choices regarding this cartridge. The one you want is open to view files with Windows Explorer. Press Enter and the drive which represents your cartridge is opened. Be careful to listen to the drive letter assigned to the cartridge. It should either be E or F.

3. Press Alt plus F to enter the File Menu.

4. Use the Down-Arrow Key until you hear new submenu and press Enter.

5. You are now on the Folder choice, which is what you want, so press Enter.

6. An edit field appears where you will type in a folder name. You will hear your screen reader say "New Folder." You want to type over this, so simply type the name of the folder which will represent the book you're going to transfer. For instance, if the name of the book is The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer, you might name the folder Tom Sawyer, and press Enter.

7. Now, you can press Alt plus F4 to close this drive. Now you are ready to transfer the book.

8. Go to the drive and folder where your BARD books are stored. For instance, if they're stored in the Downloads Folder on your C drive, you would find it by doing the following: Hold down the Windows Key and then tap the letter R and release both keys. This will bring up the Run Dialog Box. Type c:\downloads, if that's where your books are stored and press Enter. (As a side note here, what I would suggest is to create a folder called BARD on your C drive and then be sure to download all your BARD books to that folder. You could even create a shortcut to that folder on your desktop.

9. The Downloads folder is now open. Use the up or down-arrow keys to locate the book you want and press Enter.

10. You are now in the list of all the files for this book. Press Alt plus F to bring up the File Menu. You will hear "extract all."

11. Press Enter. You will hear a welcome message for the Extract All application. You are instructed to press the Next Button to continue. Simply press the Enter key to activate this button.

12. You are now prompted to let the program know where all these files will be sent. So, supposing your cartridge is drive E, you would type the following: e:\tom sawyer and press the Enter key. The extraction may take a few minutes, so don't be alarmed if nothing seems to be happening.

13. When the extraction is finished, you will hear a message telling you so. You are now focused on a checkbox within the Extraction Wizard. The choice is to show extracted files. Uncheck this box, then press Tab to move to the Finish Button and press Space Bar. Press Alt plus F4 to close the zipped file you opened which contained all the files for the book.

You will repeat the steps for any other book you want to extract to your cartridge. Just remember that each book should have its own folder.

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