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BARD Download Instructions Using Windows XP

These instructions were written for downloading BARD digital talking book files to either a blank NLS cartridge or a USB flash drive using Windows XP to play on an NLS Digital Talking Book Machine (DTBM). While commands may vary for different operating systems and computers, the basic procedures should apply. To use a commercially manufactured player with downloaded digital talking books, check the instructions that came with your player.

You must be registered with the library and have a BARD account to download digital talking books. If you are already registered with the library, but do not yet have a BARD account, you may apply for one on the BARD login page.

Finding Books and Magazines

  • Login to BARD by entering your email and password.
  • Search the database and find a book you would like to download and read. You may search for a specific book or browse through recently added books, most popular titles, by subject, or by author. There is a separate section for finding magazines. You can search for a specific magazine or you can browse through a list of recently added issues. In addition, there are links to FAQs and to manage your account.
  • You may also first search the NLS Voyager catalog, then login when requested once you've selected a book to read.

Download a Book or Magazine

  • At the end of each book annotation, you'll find a link for downloading the book. It will repeat the title and book number.
  • For magazines, choosing a title will bring up a list of links for individual issues.
  • Press Enter or click on the download link for the desired book or magazine issue.
  • When asked whether to SAVE or OPEN, choose SAVE. Save in a folder of your choice. For example, you may save the file in a folder you create called MY BOOKS on your DESKTOP or in MY DOCUMENTS.
  • Press enter or click on SAVE. The book will download to your computer. This may take from three to thirty minutes.

Prepare your Downloaded Book or Magazine to Play on the NLS Digital Book Player

  • Locate the folder on your computer where you downloaded the digital book or magazine from the BARD website, i.e. Desktop, My Documents, under My Books.
  • The file you downloaded is in a compressed format otherwise known as a zipped or compressed file. In order to play this book, you will need to unpack, extract, or unzip the files contained in the compressed file.
  • Once you have located the file on your computer (the name should start with DB), press ALT+F for File Menu, or press the Applications key on your keyboard. Note: The applications key on your keyboard is the third key to the right of the spacebar.
  • Once you have opened the File Menu (ALT+F), or pressed the Applications key when highlighted on the NLS Digital book, a dialogue box will open. By pressing the down arrow, one of the choices you have is to Unzip or Extract the files.
  • Press enter or click on the Unzip or Extract files choice.
  • On the next screen, choose the "Next" button.
  • The next screen that pops up allows you to select where you want to unpack, extract or unzip the file, but by just pressing enter on the NEXT button, you can keep everything that is part of the default settings and move on.
  • Once you click the "Next" button, you will begin the unpacking, extracting, and unzipping process for the NLS digital book or magazine.
  • When the process has completed, a screen will pop up asking if you want to see the extracted files; this item is a checkbox and is checked by default. If you would rather not see the files, press the spacebar on the checkbox, to uncheck this option. Tab once and press Enter on the Finish button.
  • Your unzipped or extracted book folder now resides in the same location where you saved the original unpacked book or magazine that you downloaded from BARD. However, the file extension at the end of the book title will be different. It will now reflect the words “file folder” at the end, instead of .zip. You must make sure to choose this folder to move the correct one onto your external flash drive or blank cartridge. If you do not hear or see the file extensions, go to your view menu (ALT+V), and check DETAIL to enable your computer to display or read file extentions.
  • The book you have downloaded and unpacked is now available for you to move onto your NLS cartridge or flash drive, and play on your digital player.

Alternate Method to Unzip Book or Magazine Files

  • There is more than one way to extract the files needed to play a downloaded book or magazine. Instead of following the above procedures, you can also right click or press Shift + F10 on the compressed file, then select Extract All.
  • The Welcome Page of the Extraction Wizard will appear. Select Next. That will bring you to a screen that should have the name of the folder that is the same as the zipped book or magazine, ie E:|DB-authorname.
  • Select Next. This will extract the files in the compressed folder.
  • When extraction is complete, select Finish.

Loading the Book or Magazine onto a Flash Drive or Blank Cartridge

Once you have highlighted the correct book folder, choose copy from the Application Key menu, or press the key combination of CNTL+C (Control + C) to copy it to your computer's clipboard.

At this point you can close out the screen on your computer.

Connect a flash drive or blank cartridge to your computer, using a USB cable.

A dialogue screen will open up asking you what you want to do. Using the up and down arrows, locate, "Open this with Windows Explorer," and press the enter key. This will open the NLS Blank Cartridge, or Flash drive which will show a blank screen. If this dialog screen does not open, see How to Open the Cartridge or Flash drive via MY COMPUTER following this section of the instructions.

Press the key combination of CTRL+V to paste the NLS book or magazine you have unpacked and copied to your computer's clipboard to the NLS blank cartridge or USB flash drive. The file might take a few minutes to copy.

Once the copying is complete, the NLS digital book is now on your NLS blank cartridge or flash drive. You can now close the screen and disconnect the flash drive, or cartridge from he USB cable. Insert the cartridge into the front of your NLS player or the flash drive into the USB port on the right side of your NLS player and enjoy your book.

How to Open the Cartridge or Flash Drive via MY COMPUTER

  • Go to your desktop by keying Windows + M.
  • Press M until you hear "My Computer." Press Enter.
  • Press the down arrow until you find your flash drive. It may be called "removable disk," or it could have another name, but will be indicated by a letter after the drive name.
  • Press Enter to open this drive.
  • Once your Drive is open press the key combination of Control+V to paste your NLS book you have unpacked and copied to your Windows Clipboard to the NLS blank cartridge or USB Flash drive. Copying your book might take a few minutes.
  • When the copying is complete, the digital book is now on your NLS blank cartridge or flash drive. You can now close the screen and disconnect the flash drive or cartridge from the USB cable. Insert the cartridge into the front of your NLS player or the flash drive into the USB port on the right side of your NLS player and enjoy your book.

Additional Information

  • Blank NLS cartridges will work best as they are designed to work with the NLS digital players.
  • You should not have a cartridge and a flash drive inserted in the player at the same time.
  • Not all flash or thumb drives will work with the players. Some will work for a while, then stop working due to design incompatibility. Bigger is not better. Drives with too much memory will require more energy than the player is designed for. Drives should be under 8g of memory. More expensive drives usually come loaded with software to add functionality and will not work with the NLS players, so in this case, cheaper is better. U3 drives will not work.
  • Copy all the files you've unzipped from the compressed file into the root directory of the drive.
  • You can store more than one book on the same cartridge, or flash drive by accessing the Bookshelf feature on your NLS Digital Book Player. Press and hold the Play/Stop key until it says “Bookshelf,” then use the FF and RW keys to move forward and backward between titles. When you reach the title you want, press Play.
  • You might need to update your NLS player's software. You can get the latest version at the NLS Firmware site.
  • You can also play MP3 files on your NLS digital Talking Book player by placing MP3 files into individual folders, and then into a folder on your cartridge or flash drive called audio+podcasts.



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