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Short-Term Research Fellowship recipients 2013-2014


The New York Public Library is pleased to announce the awarding of Short-Term Fellowships to support the following scholars from outside New York who will research the Library’s archival and special collections between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014:

 Aaron Bryant, "A Different Lens: Alternative Views of the Civil Rights Movement and the 1968 Poor People’s Campaign"

 Marvin Chochotte, “Behind the Dark Shades of State Terror": Tonton Makouts, Peasants, Labor, Development Agencies, and the Longevity of the Duvalier Dictatorship, 1957-1986

 Jesse Noah Feiman, "Adam von Bartsch (1757-1821): Genius, History, and Nation in the Scholarship of Prints"

 Stephanie Frakes, "Louis Moreau Gottschalk’s Autobiography Notes of a Pianist (1881): New Notes, New Interpretations" 

 Susan Greenberg, "Macmillan: The New York Story" 

 Noam Maggor, "Brahmin Capitalism: Gentlemanly Bankers, Urban Populists, and the Making of the Modern American Economy"

 Joellen A. Meglin, "Ruth Page and The Merry Widow: A Woman’s Wit and Will"

 Yael Merkin, "We Were Much Afraid of Our Voices for a Long Time": Women and Power in Gilded Age New York

 Jennifer-Scott Mobley, "Enter Fat Actress: Female Bodies on the American Stage"

 Amy Noel, “To Bring Liberty to the North”: The Invasion of Canada and the Coming of American Independence, 1774-1776

 Ellen M. Peck, "Rida Johnson Young: First Lady of Broadway"

 Christopher Phelps, "The Strike: A History of Ideas"

 Roy Scranton, "Making War in the American Century: World War II and American Literature" 

 Peter Simons, "Global Heartland: Shaping the Postwar World on the North American Prairie"

 Lauren Rebecca Sklaroff, "Sophie Tucker and the Art of Invention"

 Andrew M. Stauffer, "The Making of Lord Byron’s Hours of Idleness"

 Carrie A. Streeter, "Movement Cures: Therapeutic Movement in American Pursuits of Health, 1840-1940"

 Nicholas Underwood, "Staging a New Community: Jewish Immigrant Culture and the Fight Against Fascism in Interwar France, 1922-1939"

 Maggie Yancey, "Death in the Bottle: Alcohol and the Civil War Era"

Short-Term Research Fellowship recipients 2012-2013.

• David Brenner, “The Film Schindler’s List vis-a-vis the Earliest Significant Collection of Holocaust Survivor Testimonies”

• Joshua Britton, “Building Brooklyn: Elites, Space and City-Building in the Nineteenth Century.”

• Gary Dyer, “Lord Byron on Trial.”

• Andrew Falk, “Shadow Diplomats: Constructing a Humanitarian Network during the Refugee Crisis of the 1930s and 1940s.”

• Chris Goertzen, George P. Knauff’s “Virginia Reels” and the History of American Fiddle Repertoires and Styles.

• Gary Guadagnolo, “Creating a Tatar Capital: National, Cultural, and Linguistic Space in Kazan, 1920-1940.”

• Susan Harlan, “Objects of War: Militarism, Memory, and the Making of the Early Modern English Subject.”

• Holger Hoock, “Scars of Independence: Practices and Representations of Violence in the American Revolutionary War.”

• Monica Huerta, “The Evidence of Things Unseen: Law, Photography, and Subjectivity in Nineteenth Century America.”

• Tanya Camela Logan, “Sartorial Second Skins: Black Men, Masculinity, and Agency in Dress.”

• Jessica Linker, “It is my wish to behold Ladies among my hearers”: Early American Women and Scientific Practice, 1720-1860.

• Hassan Melehy, “Jack Kerouac, Quebec in New England, and the Poetics of Exile.”

• Nicholas Mitchell, “Disciplinary Matters: Black Studies, Women’s Studies and the Neoliberal University.”

• William Piper, “Pictures at Work: African American Studio Photographers and the Business of Everyday Life, 1900-1968.”

• Adam Roberts, “Keeping Score: A Handbook of Musical Insights for Musical Theatre Artists.”

• William Slauter, “Who Owns the News? Journalism and Intellectual Property in Historical Perspective. “

• Erin Zavitz, “Revolutionary Memories: Commemorating and Celebrating the Haitian Revolution, 1804 -2004.”


Short-Term Research Fellowship recipients 2011-2012.

• Luther Adams, "Black and Blue: Toward a History of Police Brutality"

• Yelena Biberman, "Understanding Pakistan's Foreign Policy, 1947-2001"

• Andy Boyle, "Samuel Daniel’s Collection of the History of England"

• Michael Brown, "Experts, Eggheads, and Elites: Debating the Role of Intellectuals in American Political Culture, 1952-2008"

• Eric Bulson, "Little Magazine, World Form"

• Marco Carynnyk, "Ukrainians, Jews, and Poles, 1939–1941"

• Armando Chavez-Rivera, "The Formation of the Cuban Nation in the Nineteenth Century: a View from New York"

• Carol Lea Clark, "The Palestine Expedition: America’s Forgotten Mission to Ottoman Palestine"

• Ari Cushner, "Holding the Center: Cold War Liberalism and the Development of the American Century, 1945-1968"

• Diana Dinerman, "Pluralism in Motion: American Nationalism and the Lester Horton Dance Theater, 1930-1960"

• Michael Gutierrez, "Two Thieves Escaping through the Bowery (a novel)"

• Anne Hammond, "Genevieve Taggard: A Study of Her New England Poems,1935-1948"

• Carol Hess, "Historiographer of the Airwaves: Gilbert Chase and Latin American Music at the Height of the Good Neighbor Period"

• Amanda Higgins, "Instruments of Righteousness: The Intersections of Black Power, Anti-Vietnam War, and Welfare Rights Activism"

• David Levitus, "Metropolitan Progressives: Building a Social Democratic Base Across Greater Los Angeles and New York, 1930-1960"

• Paula Maggio, "Bloomsbury at War: Pacifism and the Bloomsbury Group 1914-1945"

• Julia Mansfield, "Yellow Fever’s Paradox in the Age of Reason: American Studies on Epidemic Disease in the Early Republic"

• Thomas McLean, "Citizens of the World: A Critical Biography of the Porter Family"

• Rachel Parikh, "The Development of Illustrated Books of Divination in Persia"

• Anne-Marie Reynolds, "The Life and Work of Cy Coleman"

• Raymond Parrott, "Resisting the Wind of Change:The International Politics of Portuguese Decolonization, 1961-1974"

• Jack Selzer, "Kenneth Burke in the University: Dramatism and Logology after 1940"

• Tanya Sheehan, "Blacks and Whites: Race and Photographic Humor"

• Mihoko Suzuki, "Antigone’s Example: Gender and the Politics of Civil War in Early Modern England and France"

• Wayne Wiegand, "This Hallowed Place:’ A People’s History of the American Public Library"


Short-Term Research Fellowship recipients 2010-2011.

Dorot Division

• Tamaar Ehs, Rachel Gordon, Caroline Luce, John Sewell, Asaf Yedidya

Manuscripts and Archives Division

• Thomas Campanella, Ivan Gonzalez, Rachel Hermann, Marc-William Palen, Steven Carl Smith

Carl H. Pforzheimer Collection of Shelley and His Circle

• Caroline Franklin, Devoney Looser, Dr. M.O. Grenby, Timothy Webb

Wallach Division of Art, Prints, and Photographs

• Elisabeth Fraser, Carl Fuldner, Mazie Harris, Elizabeth McGoey, Weston Naef, Lisa Pon, Allison Stagg



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