Today's Events for Adults at NYPL node/62451?audience=4332 From lectures to films to programs for children, come to one of the many events and programs at the New York Public Library. en "Petrified Forest" DVD, Black and White; 82 minutes, 1936, Warner Bros, Directed by: Archie Mayo Starring: Bette Davis, Leslie Howard, and Humphrey Bogart (Mid-Manhattan Library) <div class="vevent"> <p><span class="location">Mid-Manhattan Library</span> <br /><abbr class="dtstart" title="2014-09-21T14:00:00-04:00">Sunday, September 21 - 2:00 pm</abbr></p><div class="summary"><p>A waitress, a hobo and a bank robber get mixed up at a lonely diner in the desert.</p> </div> </div>