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Past Exhibitions

  • Ner Beck: A Traveling Photography Exhibition of Found Faces & Window Reflections from New York to Prague

    96th Street Library
    May 1st, 2015 - June 27th, 2015

    Once you see Ner Beck’s photographs of found street faces and colorful window reflections, shot on the streets of New York City and Prague, you might think your eyes are playing tricks on you. See everyday discarded or ignored street objects come alive with humanlike faces staring right back at you. Many of these anthropomorphic objects seem to have voices that may speak directly to you. You might ask yourself “What’s going on here, are these things for real?” That visual dilemma is what makes these photographs so intriguing. Also included are prism-like reflections that appear to be collaged, but are randomly created when shop windows reflect and merge with other images mirrored from the opposite side of the street. Anyone who loves to walk and visually wonder at the lost or hidden side of cities will definitely get a mind giggle from this collection of quirky photographs that might change the way you view city streets.

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  • Surf

    St. Agnes Library
    June 18th, 2015 - June 27th, 2015

    STEPHEN GALICZYNSKI has had several exhibitions for the New York Public Library. His current show at the St. Agnes Branch (81st St. & Amsterdam Ave.) runs through June 28th.  His large SURF series will be featured.

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  • NYC iSchool Art Exhibit

    Hudson Park Library
    May 7th, 2015 - June 26th, 2015

    Students from NYC iSchool, a local public high school, created linocuts and screen print designs.

    Art Teacher: Gretel Smith

    Participating Students: Patricia B., Isiah B., Mariella B., Alexis C., Tom C., Tenzin D., Philippe D., Alena G., Adrianna J., Rachel K., Maxwell L., Connor M., Ethan M., Sandi M., Wendy N., Arellana P., Athena P., Melissa R., Ray R., Mileida R., Mackenzie R., Jaritza S., Anson S., Max S., Nicholas S., Nasyria T., Teresa W. 


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  • It's Me Singing, Gone But Here: The Poetry of Philip Levine

    Stephen A. Schwarzman Building
    June 12th, 2015 - June 25th, 2015

    The New York Public Library celebrates the life, legacy, and influences of Pulitzer Prize winner and Poet Laureate Philip Levine, who died earlier this year. It’s Me, Singing, Gone But Here: The Poetry of Philip Levine showcases Levine's papers as well as original documents from T.S. Eliot, John Berryman, Walt Whitman, and John Keats, who influenced him.

    "Philip Levine was a poet of the working man and woman, but he was also a poet filled with wonder at the mystery of existence," says Isaac Gewirtz, Curator, Henry W. and Albert A. Berg Collection of English and American Literature. "We are fortunate that the history of his astonishing creativity, which sprang from these sources, is found in his papers at the The New York Public Library."

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  • A Lighthouse in New York

    Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
    September 27th, 2013 - June 15th, 2015

    Photographer: Austin HansenThis exhibit commemorates 80 years since the founding of the Antigua and Barbuda Progressive Society, which has dedicated itself to the principle of cultivating and promoting social and intellectual activities as well as providing charitable assistance to its people—both in New York and on the islands. Featuring materials from records recently donated to the Schomburg Center, the exhibit places the Society in diasporic context, revealing the diverse intersections of immigrant Caribbean life in the 20th century, and the effects these had on immigrants’ political consciousness and sense of identity.

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  • Picturing Riverdale: A Community Photo Essay

    Riverdale Library
    May 21st, 2015 - June 9th, 2015

    This exhibit is a pictorial essay of Riverdale as seen through the images captured by those who work live or play in our community. The images depict the everyday scenes that we encounter and often wish to share with others. It is a celebration of unexpected moments that are often taken for granted

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  • The Ancestors in our Hearts / Tanya Torres, Artist

    Bronx Library Center
    May 1st, 2015 - May 30th, 2015

    Exhibit Description: The Ancestors in Our Hearts explores two important elements of Puerto Rican cultural heritage: the Taíno symbols and the black dolls. The Taíno symbols, as interpreted by Tanya Torres and the black dolls as passed on to Mercedes Molina by her mother, are two examples of how both of these beloved cultural symbols continue to evolve and survive today in NYC in the hands of artists and artisans. The exhibition presents a series of paintings featuring Taíno symbols by Tanya Torres and several examples of the spiritual dolls of Mercedes Molina, each object in its own way functioning as a reminder of how history and culture regenerate and survive as they continue to be loved and carried in the human heart.

    Workshop Description: Taíno-Abstract Painting Workshop

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  • Praise be unto our Mothers: Art by Thaemas Maharriyum

    Inwood Library
    May 4th, 2015 - May 29th, 2015

    Thaemas A. Maharriym was born in Manhattan. He has been doing calligraphy forover twenty years. His art was display  on Connecticut Cable T.V. and at the YMHA here in Inwood. Master Du, a leading professor of art, praised Thaemas's art as original and refreshing. 

    Thaemas began writing poetry when he was a teenager and has continued to do so throughout his life. He has one book of poetry published entitled Love Comunings Soul Emgracings with the Spirit of the Unborn Child. 

    The art on display in Inwood Library is a tribute to motherhood. Poetry, calligraphy and art are united to celebrate the endless caring, work and love of our mothers. Motherhood is endless caring, work and love.

    Praise be unto our mothers!

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  • Memorial Day Portraits- Artwork by Children

    South Beach Library
    May 19th, 2015 - May 29th, 2015

    ​Children from Orange Line Studio, a neighborhood art studio for children, share stories and portraits of their grandparents and great grandparents in honor of Memorial Day and to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the end of World War II. The portraits are on display from May 19, 2015 through May 29, 2015 at the South Beach Library.

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  • Barbara Madsen | Plastic Age: Sculpture and Video | Art in the Windows Exhibition Series

    Mid-Manhattan Library
    March 3rd, 2015 - May 21st, 2015

    The Art and Picture Collections at Mid-Manhattan Library present Plastic Age: Video Sculpture a site-specific exhibition of sculpture and video by artist, and art Professor Barbara Madsen. 

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