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Yes, the library EFFECTS people and MAKES them, thats what I'm trying to get at I guess...the library as a space provides anomalous events/disturbances/encounters that occur outside "markets"/exchange-dominated sectors of human life and then have magnified effects.... Sophomore year in high school I didn't really have any friends, so I would spend lunches in the library, and I ended up randomly reading a Frank Zappa biography-- this lead to further investigations/associations with serialism, Varese, Boulez, Stockhausen, etc. and so on. There was no way to mine that vein without that contingent encounter... While the Internet as 'Archive' provides a flat ontology to investigate and exploit the Archive in a similar fashion, ultimately the real 'clinamen' isn't there, its just decentralized IP-address control and widgets/aps that laughably attempt to intervene on behalf of what people 'like'-- but its precisely but what people do not like/do not know they like/do not know they don't even know they like that they need to encounter! (not anti-Internet but its proprietarization) Its the non-sequitur of the thing I'm trying to get at, and library services, etc. don't allow for the non-sequitur, they allow for the alienated, brutal excrescent inversion of human reality into just more nihilistic "shopping". And then we wonder why everyone is depressed and anxious....

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