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Book Notes From The Underground: September 2014

Here are some new noteworthy titles that may or may not be receiving the attention they deserve.Read More ›

Short-Term Research Fellowship: Timothy Leary as Illuminatus!

The Manuscripts and Archives Division at the New York Public Library has proof that Timothy Leary was in the Illuminati. Or, if he was not an ‘illuminated’ one himself, there is evidence in the Timothy Leary papers that he was in correspondence with representatives of this mythically ambiguous organization from the time of his incarceration in Folsom onwards. Read More ›

Better Than Good Hair

In recent years many women have chosen to transition from relaxed to natural hair. This can be difficult and time consuming process. Luckily, the library has educational reading material that can help. Read More ›

Celebrating 50 Trashy Years of John Waters

From September 5-14, fans of John Waters can enjoy a retrospective of his film career, courtesy of the Film Society of Lincoln Center. "50 Years of John Waters: How Much Can you Take?" will showcase 12 of the "Pope of Trash"'s most influential films. Here are some books to read before or after taking in the series.Read More ›

TV Series to Watch This Fall

The NYPL has a vast selection of TV series on DVD. Here are just a few of them:Read More ›

TeachNYPL: Lists for Lesson Planning

From July 28-Aug 1 we welcomed our second group of teachers from NYC or our second annual Education Innovation @ NYPL Summer Institute.Read More ›

Art Books: Various Small Books: Referencing Various Small Books By Ed Ruscha

“In plain sight, but overlooked, the gas station excites interest in Ruscha” (p. 21), but also serves as a document of the everyday world that co-exists with our routine and triggers our nostalgia as we see it change over time. Read More ›

Best In Class: The Most Outstanding Fictional Teachers

Outstanding teachers offer their students new ways of looking at the world, and outstanding fictional teachers offer the same to their readers. Some, like Anagrams' Benna, delight with zany wordplay. Others, like Dracula's Van Helsing, can even strike fear into the undead. If NYPL gave report cards, these teachers would earn top marks.Read More ›

Have You Hugged A Book This Week?

Did you know that September 6 - 14th is Hug-A-Book Week? Well, it is! Here at Battery Park City Library, we're celebrating in style by grabbing our favorite titles and giving them a squeeze. Why don't you try it, too?Read More ›

Job and Employment Links for the Week of September 8

Please note this blog post will be revised when more recruitment events for the week of September 8 are available.Read More ›

Generative eBook Covers

Here at NYPL Labs we’re working on an ebook-borrowing and reading app. This post explores automated ways for creating covers for public-domain ebooks.Read More ›

Novedades de Septiembre 2014: ¡Celebrando la Herencia Hispana!

El mes de la Herencia Hispana se celebra desde Septiembre 15 a Octubre 15. El lema de este año es "Hispanos: Un legado de historia, un presente de acción y un futuro de éxitos."Read More ›

Booktalking "Wind Dancer" by Chris Platt

Seventh-grader Allison has decided that she is finished with horses. Her best friend Cara has an adorable pony called Dumpling, and she invites Ali to ride her mother's horse any time. Allison declines. The girls become concerned about two Appaloosas on a neighboring farm that are emaciated. Read More ›

In the Absence of Sparrows: James Foley Remembered

Today the Academy of American Poets features Johnson's powerful poem "In the Absence of Sparrows," honoring his close friend, as part of its Poem-a-Day series.Read More ›

For Labor Day, Work Through This List

This is the Department of Labor blog post authored by Carl Fillichio, head of the Labor Department's Office of Public Affairs. Carl introduces to us the ten books that were recently added to the Department of Labor's ongoing list of Books that Shaped Work in America. We've linked them to the NYPL catalog.Read More ›

Booktalking "Dear Blue Sky" by Mary Sullivan

Sef is at the center of Cassie's family. Everyone adores Sef; he seems to keep the family together, and Cassie loves her early morning runs with him. The world crumbles when he decides to fight in the Iraq War. Read More ›

The Jefferson Market University: Fall 2014

Come to Jefferson Market this fall to attend one of our courses.Read More ›

Career Expo 2014: Spain-US Chamber of Commerce

Careers are difficult to find, even while searching in the home country, but branching out to an international market can be especially difficult. The Spain-US Chamber of Commerce presents the 2014 Career Expo with the support of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of Spain.Read More ›

Job and Employment Links for the Week of September 1

Please note this blog post will be revised when more recruitment events for the week of September 1 are available.Read More ›

Columbus Writer's Club Summer Edition

As we know Summer is almost over, but for the Writer's Club@Columbus things just seem to be warming up. Topical and tropical but cooled by the air conditioning, we restarted on August 18th with the idea of not shying away from the good, controversial or the truth and we hope to keep things going for the rest of the year.Read More ›
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