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Booktalking "Silent Alarm" by Jennifer Banash

Luke had been moody and subject to spells of depression, but no one expected this.Read More ›

Booktalking "A Grand Old Tree" by Mary Newell DePalma

There once was a large tree that had deep roots that planted herself sturdily in the ground. She was a helpful part of the forest.Read More ›

He Represents Sean Rosen: Interview with Author Jeff Baron

We asked the kids' author a few questions about his writing and what he likes to read.Read More ›

Job and Employment Links for the Week of October 4

Recruitment and training events for the upcoming week.Read More ›

Understanding the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Over the past several weeks, we've heard a lot about the plight of refugees fleeing Syria and its neighboring countries for safer and more stable living conditions in Europe. Such a systemic, rapidly-changing issue can be hard comprehend, but we are confronted with images and stories that beg for our understanding.Read More ›

October Author @ the Library Programs at Mid-Manhattan

Culinary tours…global entrepreneurs…dangerous political weapons in America…Nazi art theft and the quest for justice…forensic DNA…the Tappan Zee Mega Project…the Gowanus Canal…. If any of these topics have piqued your interest, then please join us for an Author @ the Library program in October at the Mid-Manhattan Library.Read More ›

'That’s a Library?': The Many Stories of Mid-Manhattan

Deborah Elliott, a clerical supervisor at the Mid-Manhattan Library, has been with the branch for 40 years. As the Mid-Manhattan branch looks toward renovations, Elliott remembers when the now-haggard building first opened.Read More ›

New York: A Reading List from Open Book Night

“And New York is the most beautiful city in the world? “It is not far from it. No urban nights are like the night there. “I have looked down across the city from high windows. It is then that the great buildings lose reality and take on their magical powers. They are immaterial; that is to say, one sees but the lighted windows. “Squares after squares of flame, set and cut into the Aether. Here is our poetry, for we have pulled down the stars to  our will.”  —Ezra Pound, Patria Mia (1950) Frankly, we were a bit hesitant to ... Read More ›

The Blacklist: What is Red Reading?

Passing through Bryant Park on the way to work recently, I came upon a shoot for the upcoming season of The Blacklist and decided to find out what Reddington himself was currently reading. Read More ›

Novedades de Octubre 2015: Nuevos temas de autoayuda, amor, misterio y espiritualidad

Algunas de las obras también pueden estar disponibles en diferentes formatos. Para más información sírvase comunicarse con el bibliotecario de su biblioteca local. Read More ›

秋季新书介绍 - New Chinese Titles Fall 2015

南海:21世紀的亞洲火藥庫與中國稱霸的第一步? Read More ›

Ask the Author: Dan Yaccarino

Don't miss out on our special visit from Dan Yaccarino as part of the Fall KidsLIVE! Author Talk series!Read More ›

Little Women: Which March Sister Said It? Quiz

If you're anything like us, Little Women was one of the first 19th century novels you fell in love with. Jo, Beth, Amy, and Meg? The original fierce female foursome. So have a little fun with the Marches by taking our quiz, which asks you to identify which March sister said the following quotes.

... Read More ›

Reader's Den: The Human Body by Paolo Giordano, Part 3

If you are looking for another war novel to get you fired up about the battlefield or home front, or if you are itching to find a protagonist dealing with the trials and tribulations caused by the world around them, take a look at these suggested titles.Read More ›

Reader's Den: The Human Body by Paolo Giordano, Part 2

I take my hat off to you for continuing this discussion of The Human Body on Reader's Den. See below some questions to consider for your reading.Read More ›

Art, Futurism, and the Black Imagination

As we launch our brand new exhibition, Unveiling Visions: The Alchemy of the Black Imagination, scholar and artist Tiffany E. Barber reflects on the influence of Afrofuturism and the inspiration of the show's fantastic duo: Curators John Jennings and Reynaldo Anderson.Read More ›

Hempstead, Segregation and Black Suburbia

In honor of our new exhibition, Black Suburbia: From Levittown to Ferguson, we explore segregation in one of the most popular suburban neighborhoods in the U.S.—Hempstead, New York.Read More ›

New York Times Read Alikes: October 4, 2015

The top five is suspense filled this week. Suspense in on Mars, in Sweden, and in the FBI. If you want more, here are some recommendations for you. Enjoy!Read More ›

5 MLB Postseason Home Runs You May Have Forgotten

Let's look back at some of baseball's lesser-remembered postseason walk off bombs, in order to get you hyped up (as if you're not already) for the playoffs!Read More ›

Podcast #80: Ron Rash on Writer Survival and Place

No one knows Appalachia like Ron Rash. The author's newest work is a novel called Above the Waterfall. Read More ›
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