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Dig Into Reading: Worm Races at the Webster Library

The one at the bottom wins!Who says worms aren't fast? All of us at the Webster Library beg to differ. We recently held very competitive, highly excitable, worm race!

First, it's not very easy to find worms in this concrete jungle. Luckily I realized that pet stores carry them. I chose to use earthworms over red wigglers because then we could simply put them outside, instead of trying to find a composting site at the end.


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Shark Week! Fact and Fiction

Booktalking "Alligator Wedding" by Nancy Jewell

I love the rhyming poetry in this book:

Where the alligators slither and slide on a warm summer night when the moon was bright an alligator took a bride.

The book is full of alligator things. The pair of alligators was married in the marshy glades, and the bride had a cobweb veil and a scaly green paw. The couple invited crocodiles, 

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Booktalking "Crocodile Safari" by Jim Arnosky

Crocodiles existed in the time of dinosaurs. In some countries in Central America, crocs are an endangered species. This is the story of one couple's search for knowledge about the ancient creatures in the Everglades of Florida. They were able to see, photograph and videotape 20 crocs, including a one-foot long baby crocodile (adults are between eight and eleven feet long). It is difficult to see crocs even when they are present, since crocs like to camouflage into their environments.

Crocs are not the only animals that inhabit the Everglades. Rattlesnakes, manatees, 

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Booktalking "Frog Song" by Brenda Guiberson

Moisture helps frogs sing, not just the expected ribbit, but also different guttural sounds, such as thrum-rum. Think frogs are boring linguistically? Think again. Frogs and toads say buzz, chirp, bonk, click-clack, tink, plunk, brack, mwaa, and they whistle.

The strawberry poison dart frog in Costa Rica's rain forest sings a tiny song. Oklahoma's Great Plains narrow-mouthed toad makes a sound like a fly! The Surinam toad from 

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Booktalking "Flamingo Sunset" by Jonathan London

A baby chick is incubated by a flamingo couple for a month. When it hatches, its mother feeds it milk, mouth-to-mouth. Later, the bird baby rushes to its mother when a storm suddenly darkens the sky and rain pours down.

However, the next morning, a calm, bright world emerges. The flamingo grows and develops. Eventually, the teenage flamingo is 

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July Author @ the Library Programs at Mid-Manhattan

Dangers of the 'foodopoly'... secrets of the original West Village... how Manhattan became capital of the world... a survey of time in love, war, crime, art, money and media... the spectrum of canine-obsessed 

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Booktalking "Wild Horse Scientists" by Kay Frydenborg

Horse reproduction! I never thought that I would learn so much about this subject by reading a book about wild horse scientists, but I guess that it makes sense. After all, managing the numbers of wild horses on islands, especially publicly protected land in which predators are few and far between, is a challenge.

And what to do with the excess 

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Booktalking "Wild About Books" by Judy Sierra

One day, librarian Molly decided to drive her mobile library van into the zoo, and all of the animals were flummoxed! She read from Dr. Seuss and the zoo animals were drawn toward her. They were fascinated by reading, and went wild over the many different kinds of books that the library van displayed. The animals read together or alone or while eating lunch, and some, unfortunately, had overdue books.

Tasmanian devils, pythons, penguins and porcupines decided to write their own stories after reading so many written by other 

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Booktalking "Bug Boy" by Eric Luper

15-year-old exercise rider Jack Walsh hopes and dreams that someone will promote him to "bug boy," a.k.a. apprentice jockey. However, in no way, shape or form did he aspire to take advantage of the misfortune of Showboat, the leading jockey at his barn. 116 pounds is much too heavy for a jockey; ten pounds to lose in two days. Endless frantic running, eating and drinking little of anything, wrapping oneself in a heavy blanket in the middle of summer, and vomiting up anything that will come up. One hopes that his fate does not mirror Showboat's.


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Booktalking "Vegan is Love" by Ruby Roth

Some animals in the world are treated badly, and vegans do not want to be a part of that. They do not use animals for food, clothing or fun. This is good for the animals, our health, and the environment.

Vegans are vegetarians. Some vegetarians eat cheese, eggs, honey, and drink milk. Vegans eschew all animal products.

However, vegans like 

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Booktalking "Spirit Horses" by Tony Stromberg

Breathtaking. That is the first word that comes to mind when flipping through the spectacular visual art in this book. The dark cover photo of a relaxed, beautiful flaxen chestnut horse sets the tone for this set of pictorial works.

Many of Stromberg's photos have dark colors and depict wild horses running free across the countryside. They are vivid depictions of 

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Embrace Change (and a Dog!) at the Library

April contains National Library Week (April 14-20, 2013). According to the American Library Association website, this event was “first sponsored in 1958… to celebrate the contributions of our nation's libraries and librarians and to promote library use and support."

While many of the services and features of our nation’s libraries have remained the same over the ensuing fifty-five years since the inception of National Library Week, a literal myriad of changes have been effectuated in 

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Booktalking "Cat Poems" by Dave Crawley

I love the cat breed illustrations on the inside of the front and back covers of this book. All of the cats look so happy! The book is full of poems that indicate the nature of cats, and anyone who has experience with cats or who has lived with cats knows exactly what Crawley is talking about in these cat poems.

In the poem "Brand X," a cat was acting for a commercial for cat food. Wouldn't you know it? When asked to choose between the 

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Booktalking "Bats at the Library" by Brian Lies

This is a story about bats taking over the library at night when it is closed: "Bat night at the library." What could be better? It is a bat holiday that bats wait for all year, like Christmas.

These bats are quite a literary group. They talk about the books that they have read. They create shapes in the light of the projector to make images on the wall. They photocopy themselves, play in the water fountain, look at pop-up books. They get into all types of trouble. Basically, these bats treat the library as if it were their cave.


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Booktalking "Llama Llama Mad at Mama" by Anna Dewdney

A shopping trip with mama and baby. But Llama Llama is disappointed because he wants to play. Countless other types of animals also shop at the Shop-O-Rama. Llama Llama does not like shopping for clothes... or food.

He is tired of sitting in the shopping cart, and he wants to go home! Llama Llama has a tantrum and throws all of the contents of the 

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Booktalking "The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse" by Eric Carle

Ever wanted a yellow cow? How about a green salamander? Or a turquoise frog? You will not find any salamanders or frogs in this book. And if you did, they would not be green or blue. However, the yellow cow is a winner in this tale.

This book enlists kids to use their imaginations when considering how to draw and color animals in perhaps different colors from those which adorn them in nature. A lovely blue horse appears on the cover. A kid 

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Audubon Day is April 26th

Many have heard about slow food, but fewer still about slow looking. This Wall Street Journal article from 2011 coined the term, referring to LSU's Hill Memorial Library and the way in which they presented their collection of John James Audubon's four-volume Birds of America (1827-38): slowing turning the pages for a rapt audience.

Closer to home and until May 19th, the New-York 

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Horse Special Libraries and Museums

This blog post was actually spawned from a visit to Devon Saddlery near Washington, D.C. I saw a poster there for a horse event, which included information on the National Sporting Library. I then became curious as to what other horse libraries were out there.

I visited the Kentucky Horse Park as a teenager when I was competing in the National Horse Bowl Competition in Lexington, KY. Horse Bowl is a jeopardy-like contest in which contestants are on two teams of four individuals. The competition consists of team and individual 

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Wildlife Special Libraries and Museums

Most of my experience with animals has been with domesticated animals, but I am also interested in wildlife. Below are some wildlife libraries and museums that I found.

Special Libraries

from the Directory of Special Libraries and Information Centers, 40th ed., 2012

Animal Alliance of Canada Library 221 Broadview Ave., Ste. 101 Toronto, ON, Canada M4M 2G3 416-462-9541 Animals, 

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