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Colorful Haikus, What's in Lenny's Bag and is that Dallas's Bag as well? - Teen Central Writers' Club

Hi - The Writers' Club is assembling a newspaper/newsletter that we will distribute as widely as we can in the Grand Central Library and places where teens are.  We hope to have this project completed in the next few weeks and we plan to ask for writing contributions, opinions and feedback from teens throughout the city.  So look out for Teen Voices from Grand Central. In the meantime we have a few more and more colorful Haikus for you to digest along with a special photographic thanks to Crystal Odame in all colors.

Purple and yellow A lovely flower I 

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Haikus in Winter and Some Summer Talk in Spring: The Teen Central Writers' Club

A Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry that has become popular in the U.S. In English Haikus are generally three line poems that have five syllables in the first verse, seven in the second and five in the third—we generally stuck to this form although since it's poetry, we allowed for some poetic license. In January and February as we negotiated our way around what seemed like non-stop snow, members of the Writers Club, inspired by cool scenes of the winter photography of Crystal Odame and the summer hot artwork of Romare Bearden, wrote 

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Thoughts on Japan and other monsters in the closet - the Writers' Club at Teen Central

We are all moved by the horrific disasters, natural and man-made, that have occurred in Japan.  When we met on March 17th a cataclysmic nuclear meltdown seemed quite possible and maybe imminent.  It was non-stop on the news, in our minds and conversations.  Many of the people who come to Teen Central on a regular basis are Manga fanatics and they have strong feelings about Japan and the dynamic impact its' culture has on their lives.  Even those of us who are not that into Manga realize that Japan, though physically far away, is closely linked every day to our 

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Sneaky Ways You Can Shape Our Collections

You may have noticed while browsing the collection at your local branch that it seems like we’ve been making a lot of shelving mistakes lately. On the back of most books you will notice a sticker with the name of the branch it originally came from, but you're probably seeing the names of branches other than the one you’re standing in. As of April 2010, the library quietly made a fundamental change to our branch collections. In the past, when a user checked out a book “owned” by the Epiphany branch but returned it at Seward Park, our shipping system would send the 

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Teen Central Writers' Club: Something's Missing: Visions and Voices of Loss

Writers' Club educator, mentor, writer and friend Lois Stavsky is curating an art exhibition at the Bronfman Center at NYU called Something’s Missing: Visions and Voices of Loss. Given the recent catastrophes in Japan and other places in the world, this event seems quite timely. At our March 9th meeting club writers focused on the theme of loss and who knows—some of our work may find a way into the show. Lois has shared, as a preview, two pieces of art that will appear in the exhibit. In between is a taste of what the Writers' Club produced when considering voicing visions 

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Grand Central Library Presents From Sketchbooks and Black Books

The Grand Central Library is pleased to present From Sketchbooks and Black Books, an exhibit of over 100 images from a diverse group of artists.  

Ranging from pencil and ink sketches to vibrant graffiti pieces, the works on exhibit provide an intimate glimpse into the creative process. While a few of the images were created as preliminary sketches for larger works, most are personal visual explorations. And although most images reflect an internal dialog, some—particularly the graffiti-inspired pieces—were created to be shared by 

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Teen Central Writers' Club: Seeing Red and a Word

A special welcome to Lenny Collado one of our newer members and someone who is helping out a lot.  Lenny brought this poem to our April 29th meeting and shared it with us.  Can you guess the word he's referring to?

The Color of a Word  

They use it not knowing   They use it not seeing They use it not caring, Among themselves Around other people   In the crowded train. Talk, loud enough for Others to hear. They use it not knowing © Endi Collado They use 

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Teen Central Writers' Club: Those Manipulative Shoes

As winter kicks in, Teen Central and Grand Central's second Writers' Club newsletter is now available (PDF).  We decided to feature a poem written by Crystal Gomez at the November 26th meeting of the writers' club. She wrote this in response to M.C. K~Swift's exercise on "personification." (Personificaton 

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The Writers' Club Kicks Off @ Teen Central

On Wednesday, November 10th, Teen Central's newly formed Writers' Club held its first meeting in Grand Central Library's second floor Community Room.

Hip-Hop artist and educator M.C. K~Swift introduced himself and then shared writings from his journal with the other members of the Writers' Club.

High school senior Celeste Pajotte, who dreams of becoming a published writer, read from her novel-in-progress and 

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LiveStories: Nearing Journey's End

It's hard to believe that the LiveStories memoir writing workshop at the Grand Central Library is nearing its conclusion.  This has been a fascinating, emotional, cathartic, and educational journey for us all.  With the help of our two wonderful teaching artists, Annie and Lauren, and our generous funders at Lifetime Arts,  we have learned how to craft our personal stories, and in some cases, even to dramatize them. We have made new friends and, in just a short time, 

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São Paulo: A Street Artist’s Paradise @ Grand Central Library

Come now through December to see an Exhibit at Teen Central in the Grand Central Library of Photos, Stickers and Zines from the streets of São Paulo.

In this pulsating, polluted metropolis of 18 million people – many of whom barely survive – exists a flourishing array of subcultures.  An extraordinary range of vibrant public art thrives amid broken buildings, garbage-strewn 

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NaNoWriMo 2010 at The New York Public Library

Did you know that November is National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo for short?

Now in its 12th year, this annual event challenges aspiring writers, closet novelists, and literary hobbyists all around the world to write 50,000 words in only 30 days.  Those who complete this daunting task can submit their work through the NaNoWriMo web site before midnight on November 30th and receive a digital certificate celebrating their achievement.  Some participants have even gone on to publish their works 

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Teen Central Teens Say: We Need our Libraries!

We just finished a Teen Advisory Group (TAG) meeting. We discussed the proposed budget cuts, and decided it is time to act. We wrote our reasons for loving the library—the ways we use it, why it's so important to us, and why it needs to stay open!

We are the Teen Central Teen Advisory Group (TAG). We are people who meet every week at the library to plan programs and give advice and guidance 

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Highlight from the Stuff for the Teen Age 2010 List: Going Bovine

Going Bovine by Libba Bray 16 year old Cameron is just trying to make it through high school without attracting too much attention. His only friends are the other outcasts who hang out in the top floor bathroom at school and his only hobby is searching the used record store for albums made by the Great Tremolo, a singer of schmaltzy love songs who Cameron mocks even as he spends the money he earns flipping burgers on the old albums.

Then Cameron is diagnosed with a fatal illness and is told he has a short 

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Highlight from the Stuff for the Teen Age 2010 List: Strange Angels

Fans of Supernatural or Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, meet Dru:

What if Buffy had to fight vamps and other monsters without the help of Giles and her seemingly super healing powers? What if the Winchester brothers weren’t searching for their demon-hunting father, just for the monster who turned him into a zombie?

16-year-old Dru Anderson moved from sunny Florida to North Dakota in the dead of winter because her father said they had to. Dru 

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The Otaku TakeOver

At Teen Central, we spent the first week of March celebrating fandom of all shapes and sizes.  There's a fabulous video that sums up the event -- it was fun, hilarious, and we can't wait to hold it again next year.  You should totally watch it.

Otaku Takeover is ultimately all about fandom -- and I think that's really powerful.  Fandom is about community and connection, which is exactly what the library's about, too.  And all of that is about changing the world and making it a better place.  I 

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