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Teen Pictionary!

Muhlenberg's Teen Advisory Group met last Friday to play team Pictionary for both prizes and, of course, the glory on winning. It was boys against girls that day and the boys won by a very narrow margin of 12 to 9. Pictionary is one of our favorite games to play together and I love it because its so easy to put together!

Here's what you need:

2 Dry Erase easels (or a bunch of sheets of paper) some markers a box with about 25 clues (I try to go by theme, Valentine's, Summer, we even did an Inauguration version)

The game is simple, we have two teams and I'm 

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Teen Advisory Group! Stamps!

The teens of Muhlenberg's Teen Advisory Group have spoken, MORE CRAFTS! And I am more than happy to deliver. Last Friday was our first summer craft day, our topic? Stamps.

The library has a lot of great craft books that involve stamping. My current favorite is Todd Oldham's book Kid Made Modern, which features craft ideas based on the work of legendary artists and designers like Alexander Calder and Ray and Charles Eames.

We used 

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Read This Book! Marcelo in the Real World

Marcelo really wants to spend his last year of high school at Patterson, a school for students a lot like him. Students who need a little extra help learning the rules of the Real World, and who can spend extra time thinking about the things that they are really interested in. But Marcelo’s father gives him an ultimatum; spend the summer in the Real World, working in the mailroom of his law firm, or go to public high school for his senior year.

Marcelo is assigned to the mailroom and works with Jasmine, who is as beautiful as she is mysterious, and Wendell, the 

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Summer Reading Favorites: Born to Rock

There are a lot of great books for teens on this year's summer reading list.  One of my favorites is Born to Rock by Gordon Korman.

18 year old Leo is a very focused young republican, determined to get into Harvard.  He's all set to go when a misunderstanding during a final exam causes him to lose his scholarship and his future.  At the same time he finds out that his father is not actually is real father, and that his real father is King Maggot of the ... Read More ›

Teen Fiction Recommendations: Adventure and Suspense!

Heroes, villains, teenagers.  In these book, they are one in the same!  Here are some of my favorite books filled with action, suspense and mystery.

Truancy by Isamu Fukui

In the City, where an iron-fisted Mayr's goal is perfect control through education, fifteen year old Tack is torn between a growing sympathy for the Truancy, and the desire to avenge a death caused by a Truant.  

Neverwhere by Neil 

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The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane: A Review

The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane (2009) is Katherine Howe's first novel. Given the plot, comparisons between the author's life and her fictional heroine are inevitable, so they might as well be addressed sooner rather than later.

Howe is herself in a PhD program for 

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The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks: A Review

I, Frankie Landau-Banks, hereby confess that I was the sole mastermind behind the mal-doings of the Loyal Order of the Basset Hounds. I take full responsibility for the disruptions caused by the Order--including the Library Lady, the Doggies in the Window, the Night of a Thousand Dogs, the Canned Beet Rebellion, and the abduction of the Guppy.

So begins The Disreputable History of Frankie 

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My Big Nose and Other Natural Disasters: A Review

Remember Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing? Back then she was a cute young actress with a rather distinct nose that gave her a unique face. In the 1990s she had a nose job that so altered her appearance that she was unrecognizable with the result that her career was arguably over. I found

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Dramacon Volume 1: A Review

Christie isn't sure what to think at her first comic convention in Dramacon Vol. 1 (2005) by Svetlana Chmakova. She's excited for a chance to exhibit the comic that she writes and her boyfriend illustrates. But when they get to the comic-con, it turns out nothing is what Christie expected.

Her boyfriend is a jerk. 

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Fly on the Wall: A Review

Let's take a look at Fly on the Wall: How One Girl Saw Everything (2006) by E. Lockhart:

For Gretchen Yee life as an artificial redhead is anything but glamorous. A student at the Manhattan High School for the Arts (New Yorkers think: La Guardia) with girls wearing unitards or saris and 

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A Map of the Known World: A review

A Map of the Known World (April 2009) is Lisa Ann Sandell's third novel (it was also the first book I have discovered that was edited by Aimee Friedman a neat-o YA author in her own right whom I met very, very, very briefly at a 

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The Secret Life of Prince Charming: A Review

The Secret Life of Prince Charming (2009) is the latest book from critically acclaimed writer Deb Caletti. Some have suggested that the cover art is misleading, suggesting to readers that they will find a peppy, romantic comedy type of book inside. If, 

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Absolutely Maybe: A review

Meet Maybelline Mary Katherine Mary Ann Chestnut ("Maybe" for short). Maybe was named for her mother Chessy's favorite brand of mascara and two of Chessy's favorite Miss Americas. Living above her mother's charm school, perhaps it's not surprise that a lot of what Maybe does in Absolutely Maybe (2009) by Lisa Yee is part of a 

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Wings: A Review

Wings (2009) is Aprilynne Pike's debut novel. The first thing to know about it is that the idea has been thrown around that Wings might possibly be the next Twilight. I have my own varied and complex issues with Twilight but I can see the connection. The tone, protagonist, and a lot of other things are very different. But the general "vibe" of the two books are 

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Alice MacLeod, Realist at Last: A Review

Alice MacLeod, Realist at Last (2005) is the stunning conclusion to Susan Juby's debut trilogy (preceeded by Alice, I Think and its sequel Miss Smithers). You might recognize Juby's name from the 2009 Edgar Awards where

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Miss Smithers: A Review

Regular readers might remember my previous demonstration of fondness for Alice, I Think by Susan Juby. By itself, the book was fantastically funny with some great plot points and characters. So imagine my happiness back in 2005 when I realized a sequel (set a bit after the first novel's events) had been published and was available from my place of employ.


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Alice, I Think: A review

Alice, I Think (2003) is Susan Juby's first novel. It is also the start of her Alice series (not to be confused with Phyllis Reynolds Naylor's Alice series). 

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House of Many Ways: A review

It's that time of year again. The moment when attentions shift from life in college (or high school, or grade school) to life after. In my own case, that switch meant thinking about the start of rigorous librarian training which others might know more commonly as graduate school. Diana Wynne Jones’ newest fantasy novel House of Many Ways (2008) centers on an aspiring librarian 

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Castle in the Air: A Review

Castle in the Air is Diana Wynne Jones' sequel to her amazingly awesome novel Howl's Moving Castle. It was originally published in 1990 (four years after Howl's Moving Castle). At first glance, this novel doesn't sound like a sequel--it sounds more like a companion book at best--but I promise it does explain more about Howl 

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