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LOL-brary Books

Eliot may claim that April is the cruelest month, but we’re pretty sure it’s February.Read More ›

Celebrate Lunar New Year with Library Books and Events

Happy Lunar New Year! For many people of Asian descent across the world, one of the most important holidays of the year is in full swing.Read More ›

武媚娘 : 一代女皇武則天的傳奇人生 || The Empress of China

武媚娘 : 一代女皇武則天的傳奇人生 || Wu Meiniang : yi dai nü huang Wuzetian de chuan qi ren sheng = The empress of ChinaRead More ›

動動脖子, 頸椎不痛 || Chinese Book for Neck Pain

動動脖子, 頸椎不痛 || Dong dong bo zi, jing zhui bu tong.Read More ›

Rock 'n' Read: Caspar Babypants

Formerly a President of the United States of America, Chris Ballew became Caspar Babypants in 2009, and has performed at libraries, schools, and other family friendly events. His music makes it easier than ever for humans of all ages to rock 'n' read forever!Read More ›

Soldiers’ Stories

This Veterans’ Day, when we honor the contributions of the men and women in the U.S. Armed Forces, we’re thinking about books told from the perspective of soldiers, pilots, medical personnel, and everyone who’s served in combat.Read More ›

Books We Know by Heart

Reading a book aloud to a child is one of life’s sweetest pleasures, and children sometimes ask to repeat the experience with the same book over and over. And over. And over.Read More ›

What’s Making Us Happy, Part 2

What’s making us happy in the realms of TV, cooking, art and design, libraries, and online thingamabobs, and then happinesses that defy categorization.Read More ›

What’s Making Us Happy, Part 1

We asked our library staff members to tell us what’s turning their pages. Here’s the first installment, covering podcasts, music, and—of course—books.Read More ›

Ask the Author: Dan Yaccarino

Don't miss out on our special visit from Dan Yaccarino as part of the Fall KidsLIVE! Author Talk series!Read More ›

The Gatsby Effect

Our NYPL experts named other books, written from the first-person perspective, that aren’t really about the narrators. Read More ›

Origin Stories

There are a couple kinds of origin stories. There are the backstories that super heroes have to explain how they got their powers. There are origin stories that describe how some reality came into existence. Our staff recommend some favorites here.Read More ›

A Little Light Bibliotherapy

We asked our expert NYPL staff members to recommend books that helped them stay sane and navigate life in Gotham.Read More ›

陈公博 || Chen Gongbo

这两本书的内容其实是一样的,都是陈公博的“苦笑录”。只是A本多加了4篇文章,其中包括临刑前写的”狱中自白书“。Read More ›

Celebrating the ADA

We asked our expert NYPL staff, “What’s your favorite book that features a protagonist with a disability, and why do you like it?”Read More ›

妾本惊华 《上,下》 == Qie Ben Jing Hua

Chinese fiction recommendation from Chatham Square.Read More ›

小学生最好奇的100 問题 || Xiao xue sheng zui hao qi de 100 ge wen ti

J-Chi 500 Xiao xue shRead More ›

中国古代世名剧故事 || Zhongguo gu dai chuan shi ming ju gu shi

最近看了一系例的《中国古代世名剧故事》,作者 刘炎平, 解艾玲 编著 - 是写成通俗易读的故事,内容生动感人,文字清新,深而不奥,容易阅读和理解, 引人入胜。Read More ›

We Blinded Them With Science: Experiments for Children

Learning about science with books from the library and experimental programs at the library!Read More ›

節慶‏ || Jie qing

中國人的農曆新年,是幾千年來最重視的大節日之一。春節的習俗豐富多樣,不同地方有不同的習俗, 但除了細節有異外, 基本上卻相同,都是除舊佈新,趕回家與親人團聚。你們家有沒有貼春聯?換門神的習慣呢?有沒有準備壓歲錢給小朋友?Read More ›
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