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Free Programs at New Dorp Library: July 2012

July is here and Independence Day isn't the only time you'll see sparks! (And we don't mean Nicholas!) Head over to New Dorp Library and get involved in some of our amazing programs for all ages, without the fear of being burned by a sparkler!

This month you can look forward to attending our classic programs such as Read Aloud, Teen Cafe and Exercise Programs! But to add a little color this summer we're throwing in some other awesome programs! Check them out and have a blast 

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Free Programs at New Dorp Library: June 2012

The school year is coming to an end and the temperatures are rising! You could spend your summer at the beach to show off that new swim suit you searched for all winter... or you could spend some time at your local library! We've got plenty of things for you to do while your on summer vacation! You could join in on the Summer Reading fun at! Escape the hot weather inside our air conditioned buildings and read a great book or attend a program! Things will be getting wild this month when the zoo visits with some awesome animals! 

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This Magic Moment: A Magic the Gathering Interview

Free Programs at New Dorp Library: May 2012

So everyone knows the famous saying about how April showers will bring May flowers.. It's starting to look like that saying has changed! But don't write off May just yet! There are so many different things going on all over the world this month..

Did you know that within the first week of May they hold the Kentucky Derby? Cinco De Mayo, May 5th is a huge celebration world wide, but originated in Mexico! New Zealand celebrates May as Music Month! All across the UK, people break out their pearly whites for National Smile Month! May 25th is Towel Day! That's the day you 

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And So You're Back From Outer Space: An Interview About Dual Survival

So we're taking a little break from the music scene, to get a little more in touch with Mother Nature.

I've got us sitting out here on 'The Lane' admiring the cement jungle surrounding us. I can see many opportunities for protein and nutrition, that can easily be acquired as long as you have the fundage. I can see numerous opportunities for shelter, as long as 

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Free Programs at New Dorp Library: April 2012

Spring is in the air! I know this because my nose reminds me all day long! But you know what really takes away the sinus pressure? A trip to my local library! Visit and join one of these great programs that will make you forget about all that pollen!

Sit in on the Sword in the Stone or play cool recycling games for Earth Day! Teen Club is a great place to whip out your Magic, Yu-gi-oh!, or Pokemon Deck! Adults can take an exercise class to prep for the beach, or relax in the book club with a new interesting book!

Show those allergies who's the boss, and get 

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Free Programs at New Dorp Library: March 2012

March is full of sayings! Some people talk about the month as though it's an animal, giving it characteristics (like the "proud" lions that represent NYPL). Some call March a lamb — soft and innocent — while others throw insults at poor old March. They call it Madness. March Madness — what a terrible thing to say! I've never seen March go mad! Julius Caesar teaches us to beware of the Ides of March — March 15 — but if you're at the Library, you won't have much to worry about!

Take part in a Tween 

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Free Programs at New Dorp Library: February 2012

Here's February, and you already knew it was coming — not because of your calendar, but because of all the red and pink Valentine's Day things you've been seeing in all the stores! Why don't you make New Dorp Library your Valentine this year? Curl up with a book in one of our new comfy chairs or take a movie home to enjoy a night in. Feeling active? Spend some time with the ones you love 

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That's My Queue and I'll Cry If I Want To

I'm a really big fan of NYPL lists, so I made one about TV shows from my recently watched queue. Here it is! :]

Thumb nail, ThumbnailDon't forget to check all the links... the links are the bread and butter of the blog.

10. Hard Times of RJ Berger — This series was unfortunately cancelled. Only the goofs die young... Thanks for trying, 

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Free Programs at New Dorp Library: January 2012

What do you have in mind for your New Year's resolution? Maybe you want to work off those holiday feasts? Learn how to use that new computer you got from the kids this holiday season? Have a little more fun or even just take up some extra reading? Well you can do all those things right here at New Dorp Library! Stop by for the Zumba or Stay Well exercise classes. Try out some computer skills programs, like Wireless Wednesday! Adult Social is a great place to make friends and play awesome games, and don't forget our Book Clubs in English and Spanish! We have everything you need and 

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Free Programs at New Dorp Library: December 2011

The holidays are right around the corner, and if you need a break from all that shopping, New Dorp Library is the place to go! We've got just what the kiddies are looking for this year: stories, read aloud, and a fun play to watch! Teens can have an awesome time playing those new video games they love, or enter a tournament for a holiday prize! Adults can learn about that new computer they got as a present and save some cash by learning how to make jewelry to give as a great gift!

So put away that credit card and use the one card that really gives back this holiday 

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It's Just a Blog to the Left! A Rocky Horror Interview


Cameras are rolling.....

Damn it! Jenn-it!

Oh! Hello! I'm here in the famous New Dorp Library Community Room Theater discussing the Rocky Horror Picture Show with my good friend Bobby Pins. You all know this... so let's get right down to the mission.

Wasn't it great when it all began?

Yeah, I was a regular

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Free Programs at New Dorp Library: November 2011

Winter is coming up fast, and once the weather starts to get worse, it may become harder to visit the Library. :/

If you stay home and eat turkey, we'll understand...

But here are a bunch of excellent reasons why you should bundle up and come over to New Dorp Library!

Check them out!

For Children:

Story Time at the Library! Come sit on our famous story steps for a read aloud program! Don't forget to pick up a coloring sheet! Nov 2, 9, 16 & 23 at 4 p.m.


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Free Programs at New Dorp Library: October 2011

That cool breeze is back already and its blowing around all those Autumn leaves. Before you know it, the kiddies will be in costume and excited for Halloween! But don't be afraid! There's nothing to be scared of, besides the amount of great programs New Dorp Library has to offer this month!

Auntie EM & Uncle AL will be stoping by to sing us some lively & funny songs for all ages! There are lots of opportunities for the Teens to score some extra computer and gaming time! Two Halloween programs filled with some spooky fun! A Mad Scientist will visit the library 

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New Dorp Library's 2011 Art Gallery

On Wednesday, September 14, over 200 patrons came into New Dorp Library to visit our Art Gallery!

Children, teens, and adults had a blast as they walked around the Library's Community Room exploring all the art that had been created over the past year.

Compared to the last two years, the Art Gallery program really grew this year! We branched out in new ways of expressing artistic talents — breaking away from regular sketches and paintings and 

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Give "Glee" a Chance! An Interview with a Gleek

My name is Jennifer Jane and I am a Gleek. Most people do not know what a Gleek is... that's because they don't watch the TV show, but you should watch an episode and just Give Glee a Chance! Did you ever feel that black void in your heart or soul.. that something's missing? It's

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Free Programs at New Dorp Library: September 2011

September's here and it's time for all those back to school commercials... luckily you can find all your New Dorp Library program information here, instead of it interrupting all your favorite TV shows.

This month, we are back in action with all your favorite programs for children, teens, and adults, so spend some time at your favorite library! We've rescheduled the Art Gallery, added a great new show for the kids (South of the Border), and are even playing Mah Jongg!

Check out more of the programs you love here!

For Children:

South of the 

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Put On Your Cherry Chapstick; This Ain't No Peck On the Lips — This is KISS!! An Interview

Hey... looks like that soft-hitting journalist is back at it again! You better watch out! I heard her articles are like cotton candy — they're sweet but they don't exactly leave you satiated.

Jennifer Jane from down on the lane is here again with everyone's favorite anarchist, Bobby Pins! Today's interview is based on a photo of Pins in a KISS costume. Is he a young boy struggling with fandom or a future leader of America?

Hey Bobby Pins, how are you?

Just start the questions!

Doing well I see... Alright, so you remember that band 

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Free Programs at New Dorp Library: August 2011

August is here already! We have tons of new programs to offer for the rest of the summer!

For children, we have a play called Grandpa's Unicorn Show. And let's not forget Costume Day at New Dorp Library! Teens have their usual programs, as well as a special end-of-the-summer bash called the Teen Art Gallery! Adults can choose from an array of computer classes to brush up on their technology skills. And there's the Adult Social gathering too!

Don't forget to pick up a copy of our newsletter, The New Dorp News!


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Free Programs at New Dorp Library: July 2011

July is here and Independence Day isn't the only time you'll see sparks! Head over to New Dorp Library and get involved in some of our amazing programs for all ages, without the fear of being burned by a sparkler!

This month we will be continuing our regular Teen programs and will feature some special additions for adults and children! For the kiddies we'll have a puppet show, a pajama night, and a family game day! Adults who might need a little extra help in learning about computers can sign up for one of our Internet courses, but if you're feeling social or creative, we have a 

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