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11 Free Websites to Practice English at Home


RTlibrary on FlickrRTlibrary on FlickrAt the New York Public Library's Adult Learning Centers, where adults work on basic English and literacy skills, we're often asked for recommendations of websites for adults to practice English at home. Below you'll find eleven sites, some with a focus on listening, some on vocabulary, others on grammar, and some with a range of activities. Happy learning!

Easy World of English
An attractive, user-friendly website including grammar, pronunciation, reading and listening practice and an interactive picture dictionary.

Many Things
This website includes matching quizzes, word games, word puzzles, proverbs, slang expressions, anagrams, a random-sentence generator and other computer-assisted language learning activities. The site also includes a special page on pronunciation, including practice with minimal pairs. Not the fanciest or most beautiful website, but with lots to see and use and no advertising.

Dave's ESL Cafe
A forum for both ESL teachers and students around the world. Includes quizzes, grammar explanations, and discussion forums for students. For teachers, includes classroom ideas on all subjects as well as discussion forums.

The California Distance Learning Project
Read and listen to a news stories on topics including working, housing, money and health, then work on activities based on the stories including matching pairs, vocabulary, and quiz questions. Some stories also include videos.

BBC Learning English
An array of wonderful activities for practice, some relating to current events. Includes videos, quizzes, vocabulary practice, idioms, crosswords, and much more, though all with British accents.

Activities for ESL Students
Grammar and vocabulary practice for all levels, including many bilingual quizzes for beginners. Also includes a link for teachers, with conversation questions, games, and many other ideas to put to use in the classroom.

This is a website for kids, but who says adults can't use it, too? The site includes educational games organized by grade level, from 1st to 5th, and is particularly good for spelling and phonics. There are games to practice vowels, uppercase and lowercase letters, Dolch sight words, synonyms and antonyms and more.

TV 411
This site includes videos with native speakers explaining key reading concepts like critical reading, summarizing and scanning, and key life skills like signing a lease and reading a medicine label. Following each video is a comprehension quiz. Click on the blue tabs across the top lead for lessons on reading, writing, vocabulary and finance.

GCF Learn Free
A well-designed site with interactive tutorials for everything from operating an ATM machine to reading food labels. If you click on the main page icon and then click on reading, the site has resources for English language learners as well, including stories to listen to and read along, and picture dictionaries.

Language Guide
This is an online picture dictionary, with everything from the alphabet to parts of the body to farm animals.

Oxford University Press
This site from Oxford University Press has activities to practice spelling, grammar, pronunciation, and listening. A bit difficult to navigate, so more suitable for advanced learners and savvy internet users.

Also, don't forget YouTube. Whatever you'd like to learn — an explanation of a grammar term, idioms, a set of vocabulary — enter it in the search field and an array of videos are sure to come up. I hope some of these sites prove useful. Enjoy! And please add your own favorite sites in the comments.


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Thanks for posting these

Thanks for posting these Hilary! It was helpful. :)





English Websites

These are wonderful opportunities for folks to improve upon their English! I work for the NYC Dept. of Education and will share with my families and on my websites! Thank you so much NYPL!!


I live in pakistan I read and write but cannot speak english

I'm from iran and like you I

I'm from iran and like you I cant speak very well could you practice with me?

Are you a boy or a girl ?

Are you a boy or a girl ?

english urdu

I'm AROUSH from pakistan. I don't know about this website , so, I just want to say that it sounds' good.............

English learning

I want to learn English

yes i can practice english with you

i can convey 90% what i want to tell others but still i am having much problems while speaking fluently and sometimes while writing

Free English Worksheets!

Hi everyone, check out They have over 40 English topics with thousands of free worksheets for all grade levels.


i don't find any new website to learn free english language first every site shows free at last they say you have to subscribe if you want take advantage form the site it's not good we can't perch age if we can't perchage new course of english we don't get opportinuty to learn english how could you response my queery

Very affective sites

very helpful thanks a lot

These are great wesites

This list has the best websites that I have ever seen related to learning English. I've been teaching English as a foreign language for 5 years, I noticed that the students usually have the same or similar difficulties, and so I decided to make a non-profit website for EFL students and teachers. If you have a chance check it out:

There are some others helpful websites too.

BBC learning English & Dave' cafe are my favorite ones. Besides, to learn new words and to practice speaking are pretty good too. please add them to the list.

Thank you so much, actually

Thank you so much, actually the sites introduced in this article is more useful for low level learners, but I checked, It's a great source for me, It's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you again


Thank you for help and tips! The sites are very good. Congratulations.

How to learn english on line?

Thanks a lot for sharing this valuable tips and English learning sites.


How I get benefit from this site,and What I should do?Please inform details through the following e-mail address-

English adventure game

Fun game intended for those who are studying English:

Audi to atalim good

Audi to atalim good

how to learn english online

I got a lot of trouble in speaking as well as in writing english plz help me out....

how to learn english online

I got a lot of trouble in speaking as well as in writing english plz help me out....


my english is very bad please i want english learn free.


I want to learn English free help me please.
We are a non profit charity whose mission is to make quality English language instruction accessible and affordable. Maybe some of our $5 one hour classes can help you.

Free English Resources

Here is another site that has over 50 English video lessons. Each are short and focused. You can watch on the train, during lunch, or whenever you have 5 minutes.

Reading is good "Passive" way

Reading is good "Passive" way of improving vocabulary, but when you are resorting to making lists, that is "Active" method. Problem with active method of learning words is that it is cumbersome and boring, and you doing retain and unless you use it in writing sentences to apply the word, very little chance is that you increase your lexical size. Improve Your Vocabulary - VocabMonk is an active learning tool which is personalized and makes sure you grasp the learnt words by applying it. It is lot of fun too as you can play vocab challenges with your friends. Give it a shot!

I sure am listening is the

I sure am listening is the best way to learn English but I've not found any website that it focus by listening.Do you know any?help me please, thanks.

ı want to do english

ı want to do english practicing. my level is b1. ı want to be friend to improve english by e-mail.

practicing English by email

Dear friend, how are you... Can we practice our English by email.

listening practice / free sites

There are many good audio books on the youtube. You can see the text and hear it at the same time. Breaking News English also has over 1000 articles. You can read and listen to them at the same time.. even at different speeds. After the article, there are short or extensive learning classes, as you prefer. AND, it's all FREE!

I do want to have a friend so

I do want to have a friend so as to improve my english speaking skills... But it"s really impossible in my country ..

Hi.very fast i forget the

Hi.very fast i forget the meaning of word .i go to institute third of a week.also im so weak in reading


Well I am appearing IELTS in London and wanted to brush-up my English spoken and written and your 11 sites have helped me the right way.

Another website

I have found to be very helpful.
I must admit this post really helped me to find out authentic English learning website. Among all of them "BBC Learning English" is the best one for me. Thanks to Mr. Hilary Schenker for this post. Can anyone suggest me any website based on Right Form Of Verbs? Thanks to all.

Right form of verbs solution

Dear Mr. Tauhid, I have read out your problem. I think you're having problems with grammatical rules and I have the best solution for it. I was also having the same issues. Then I went to this site: and I was greatly benefited from here. It will definitely have the answers to your questions. Check it out if you like.

I have a lot of problem to

I have a lot of problem to speaking! who is help me?

I lived in nyc for 7 years of

I lived in nyc for 7 years of my life, and it was the best experience I've ever had. I used to visit the public libraries on 5 ave and the one on Madison ave, the librarians were always helpful and kind. When a went to La Guardia Community College I used to do my homework in those buildings and there was always someone to help me, and you know know what? I really apreciate it. Now I live in my country Mexico and I'm very grateful for all the things that I learned in nyc and I want to continue practicing my English,therefore, thank you for sharing this websides.


I have a english paper tomorrow so plz help me to clear the paper .


i want learning english Translator is very good app for learning all language its really helpfully. Thank You Very Much :)

Still useful sites in 2015!

Thanks for showing us these helpful sites. I will share this list with my students!

speaking practice videos

Oh hey, I remember taking the BBC Learning English online course as a kid. As a kid, I moved to Australia with my parents and we hardly spoke any English. So the only way we were able to learn the language was from a course called toefl ibt speaking practice videos.

found cool website

Hey guys, just wanted to inform you that I found a cool free website for english learners It's kinda a community where you find who you want to talk to... seems promising

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