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Free Job Training for Emergency Medical Technicians


CUNY CareerPATH is a low to no-cost program supporting adult workers without jobs and adult workers looking to advance their careers by providing opportunities to earn both industry-recognized credentials and college credits and to find jobs in one of five sectors: Business, Education, Food Service and Hospitality, Healthcare, and Manufacturing.

The St. Francis Hospital.,Saint Francis Hospital., Digital ID 805147, New York Public LibraryIn order to ensure career advancement and successful college transition, CUNY CareerPATH participants are given career-focused academic and English language skills instruction, occupational training leading to industry-recognized credentials and college credits, academic advisement, career coaching and employment assistance.

The Borough of Manhattan Community College at the City University of New York is offering an Emergency Medical Technician program which is a short term training program that prepares students to take the New York State EMT certification examination.

The program is given during the day and/or evening and is 28 weeks in length (day class meets 2 days a week) or 16 weeks (evening class meets 4 times per week).

The training is both lecture and practical skills lab based. Students will receive lecture based instruction, and will also be given hands on skills instruction to be able to pass the practical section of the New York State EMT exam.

Some required skills training are:

  • CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)
  • Taking Vitals
  • Hemorrhage Control
  • Neck/Spinal Immobilization
  • Patient Transport

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Shock and Resuscitation
  • Trauma
  • Emergency Child Birth
  • Geriatric Emergencies
  • Terrorism and Disaster Response
  • Patient Assessment
  • Psychiatric Emergencies
  • Respiratory Emergencies

There is a total of 39 chapters in the Textbook each covering a different topic/emergency.

Students will sit for 206 hours of instruction prior to being eligible to sit for the NYS EMT exam.

Students MUST maintain a minimum of a 75% average for all tests, quizzes and final exam before they are considered eligible to take the EMT exam.

All applicants must meet the requirements for grant funding and pass the state required physical tests.

New York State Physical Requirements

  • Stair climb — 3.5 minutes on a stair-climber at a predetermined rate of speed while wearing a 40 pound weight vest, you can’t hold onto the hand rails. You must pass this exam to be able to move on to the next exam.
  • Arm Pull — on a resistance bar a full force for 3 seconds, repeat 3 times.
  • Arm Endurance — peddle an arm ergometer (hand bike) with your arms for three minutes at your maximum speed.
  • Leg Lift — you will exert maximum force with your legs by squatting and pulling up on a resistance bar to measure leg strength, repeat test 3 times.


18 years old or older
GED/HS diploma
Legal to work in the US
Valid Driver License


Wayne Carey 212-346-8428
Sandra Baez 212-346-8425

For more information on free job training programs, please visit Job Search Central online or in person at 188 Madison Avenue and 34th Street.

More information on CUNY Career PATH programs.


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Interest in emt

I am interested in becoming a qualified emt. I worked as a volunteer in Melbourne Australia and fount it very rewarding. I am a nys resident (green card), I have limited funds. Would there be an economical way for me to get this qualification? //gene

free emt training

Medical assistant and security training still don't have a job for any so I would love the opportunity to do something with my life

Love saving the lives of

Love saving the lives of others

I would appreciate some more

I would appreciate some more information regarding EMT education.

Emt program

I will like some information about the Emt program.

EMT Training

Please, can you give me information about the Free EMT course E. E

EMS/EMT training

Hi, I would like information about EMS/EMT training courses. Thank you

Very interested

Very interested

I would like to become a EMT

I would like to become a EMT , how do I apply

Emt courses

I would like to take EMT courses. Please, let me know how can I proceed. Thank you.

I would love information

Hello, I am currently living in NYC and exploring options for employment I would love more information of the EMT course spoken about on the website. Thank you!

emt training

I would like to get more information on EMT training.

EMT trainin

I would kike to know more on th information about the EMT programs, and also i would to to attend .

Very interested

Very interested

EMT Training

I would like more information about the met training.

EMT training

Like more info on EMT class and call back number

I want to become a emt

I want to become a emt

Like to become a emt

Like to become a emt

i am eager for the

i am eager for the opportunity to train this trait. i am a veteran who just separated from the marines a month ago. i will hope to hear back as soon as possible.

just looking for more info on

just looking for more info on the free emt classes

some dept will sponser u for

some dept will sponser u for the emt course.. many colleges have grants or scoloships that will pay for the course just look arouind


I'm Levi smith and I was seein how I would go about becomeing an emt I don't have a l lot of money and this is something I want to do for a livening this is a dream of mine can you call me at 1580-371-8854

Info on free emt course

I would like to get info on how to take the free emt course I once had my emt license in 2008 .i would love to get i

i would like to join the

i would like to join the program. i am a permamnet resident. i work but my income is not enough to pay for the course alone. please let me know if i am elegible.

Is this course still avaible

Is this course still avaible


What if your already an EMT-B and wish to renew your licence?


What's the hours during the day classes


i would like to know if this program still exist, and the cost of the program. I am a u.s citizen


I would like to know how would I quilify for the courses for EMT.

Free EMT course

Could you please reply to me if this course still available and what is the hours of the day classes and cost. I'm us citizen and resident of NY //Igor.

Free EMT course

i would like to know if this program still exist, and the cost of the program. I am a u.s citizen

Free job training

I am recently unemployed and would like to know if this program is still available.

EMT Course

i'd like some detailed info on this training. are there any upcoming classes?

Employment and Training

Intersted in starting the program/// I am interested in getting trained and working in a Hospital organization Kirstin Hurdle 124 Madison Avenue Elizabeth NJ 07201 (908) 352-4560 Residency (908) 414-4014 Cell

EMT training

I am interested in joining the program. I have limited funds and I am raising an 8 year old son. I am a US citizen. Could u let me know if the program still exists and when I can start my training.

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I am interested in joining the EMT and would like to inquire more information upon these course, and when are they available for registry.willing to start classes as soon as possible.

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My question is when do the EMT training begin? What are the hours? Where are the classes given?

Hi am a green card holder and

Hi am a green card holder and currently doing my GED , can I enroll in this programme before I finish my GED?

I would like to know more

I would like to know more about this and how can I join?




I am very interested in this class and would like to get more information on how I can go forward with my studies. Thank you

Hi I'm interested in becoming

Hi I'm interested in becoming a emt next year I'm turning 18 and graduating high school. Please can you send me information

I'm looking to become an EMT

I currently work as a security guard and need a job I can be proud of and know I'm helping people.

Case specific EMT info needed, Please help!

Good morning, i am trying to get specific information regarding your FREE EMT COURSE. I recently took the ASVAB & am trying to get into the medical field in the NAVY. I would like to get EMT training because it would aid me in my military goal. Any information you can provide would be helpful, although i do have a few specific questions pertaining to my specific needs. Please get back to me at your earliest conveniance. Thank you in advance & God bless.


Good day, I am trying to get information on the recertification of an EMT. Does this program facilitates the recertification processes.

EMT Basic

I would like to know if there will be training in July/August/September for EMT Basic. And, what are the times, dates and pricing. Thank you, Alice

i would like to know if I can get training emt next August plras

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EMT-B course info

Thank you very much for this valuable information about the EMT program. I would like to know more details about it, please email me and I m very interested to the training.

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First, is this offer still available? If so how can I get info on becoming an EMT?

interested in taking ems free training program

hi am interested in taking the ems training program course . I have my greencard and interested in getting experience in these field.


Very interested. Please let me know of any upcoming events.

Hello dear is this course

Hello dear is this course still offered

H.s diploma

I have a online h.s diploma would I be able to use this to proceed it's accredited school


I'm interested in the emt program, how do I apply ?


Hello im intrested in the emt program im not in school i need a better source of income. And also been looking for less costly internships and or prorams. I would love to help another .

EMT program

I'm eager to participate on this program. I'm a CUNY student, looking to abroad my resume in the medical field. Please, contact me with any information rewarding this post.

EMT program

Hi, My name is Jose Fernandez and I am highly interested in your EMT training/certification course. I am not enrolled in any school but i would like to learn something to expand my skills and knowledge

very interested

I'm 27 years of age. I currently reside in a family shelter in the Bronx. I have two children currently unemployed and don't have many resources. This sounds like an opportunity of a lifetime. I would love to take evening classes if possible. Thank you for your time and concideration.

I'm interested in EMT

Hello, I'm an unemployed veteran interesting the the EMT Training. Please email me.

I'm interested! !!

Please inform me about this course I would LOVE to take it as soon as possible.

Emt course

I would love to hear back from bmcc about the EMT training course.


Is this still available?if so please let me know a bit more about it. Like what are the hours? I am a phlebotomist work from 12:00pm to 8:30pm . Would love to do it in the morning.does it matter that i live in jersey? Please let me know thanks!

Ems...level 5 BAA

I'm Whin...from RSA ..Limpopo province...looking to do program with you..and training all much pleasure if you take my note considerable...hoping to work with you...thanx

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