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Plant Patents - A First Look at New Color Images at SIBL


Clematis plant named 'UNAI 005'Clematis plant named 'UNAI 005'Despite the shift from the Patent and Trademark Depository Library designation to our new Patent and Trademark Resource Center status, one vestige of over 140 years of being a patent depository remains. Color images for Plant Patents are only available in print, and are still being received here at SIBL in paper format. This seems like a good opportunity to take a look at some of the most recent ones we've received here, and so we've done a bunch of QAD color image scans. Please take a look...

Chrysanthemum plant named 'Synjac Peafus'Chrysanthemum plant named 'Synjac Peafus'Clematis plant named 'Zodaki'Clematis plant named 'Zodaki'I guess before proceeding, I should add a couple words of warning. Because of variations in scanners, scanning software, browsers and computer screens, among other factors, the colors you see on our digital images cannot be exactly the same as those on the paper copies. These digital versions are not official, and are not reliable for a prior art plant patent search. The official versions are only available in paper, and can be found here at SIBL under call number JSM 99-245. While these pictures are fine for a preliminary look, you cannot rely on them or any images derived from them for legal or similar uses. That said, particularly for those folks who want to see some "previews" of upcoming gardening catalogs, please do give these a glance. Enjoy!

For additional Plant Patent plates for 2012, 2013 and 2014, these have been listed, with links, in the table posted here.

United States Plant Patents: Patents Published April 17, 2012, and April 24, 2012; Nos. PP22648-PP22690

Date Patent Number Inventor Title Text Color Image
April 17, 2012 PP22648 Zaiger et al. Interspecific tree named 'Betty-Cot' USPTO PP22648
April 17, 2012 PP22649 Roose et al. Mandarin tree named 'FairchildLS' USPTO PP22649
April 17, 2012 PP22650 Doherty Lophomyrtus plant named `Magic Dragon` USPTO PP22650
April 17, 2012 PP22651 Snoeijer Clematis plant named 'Zodaki' USPTO PP22651
April 17, 2012 PP22652 Kivistik Clematis plant named 'UNAI 005' USPTO PP22652
April 17, 2012 PP22653 Burton Hebe plant named 'Grace Kelly' USPTO PP22653
April 17, 2012 PP22654 Korlipara Leucanthemum plant named 'Victorian Secret' USPTO PP22654
April 17, 2012 PP22655 Smith Chrysanthemum plant named 'Synjac Peafus' USPTO PP22655
April 17, 2012 PP22656 Smith Chrysanthemum plant named 'Synazy Urcoral' USPTO PP22656
April 17, 2012 PP22657 Smith Chrysanthemum plant named 'Synjac Oranfus' USPTO PP22657
April 17, 2012 PP22658 Blom Chrysanthemum plant named 'Zanmucandle' USPTO PP22658
April 17, 2012 PP22659 Blom Chrysanthemum plant named 'Zanmuaval' USPTO PP22659
April 17, 2012 PP22660 Smith Chrysanthemum plant named 'Synwil Yel' USPTO PP22660
April 17, 2012 PP22661 Zerr Poinsettia plant named 'Fisearltez' USPTO PP22661
April 17, 2012 PP22662 Jacobs Alstroemeria plant named 'Zalsacorf' USPTO PP22662
April 17, 2012 PP22663 Bartels Phlox plant named 'Barsixtythree' USPTO PP22663
April 17, 2012 PP22664 Klemm et al. Pelargonium plant named 'KLEPZ10271' USPTO PP22664
April 17, 2012 PP22665 Crook Begonia plant named 'BRXCA17' USPTO PP22665
April 17, 2012 PP22666 Ren Petunia plant named 'Balpevac' USPTO PP22666
April 17, 2012 PP22667 Dummen Osteospermum plant named 'Duetiswila' USPTO PP22667
April 17, 2012 PP22668 Dummen Osteospermum plant named 'Duetimbroch' USPTO PP22668
April 17, 2012 PP22669 Denis Calathea plant named 'Cobra Pink' USPTO PP22669
April 17, 2012 PP22670 Bauer Coreopsis plant named 'Sunset Strip' USPTO PP22670
April 17, 2012 PP22671 Korlipara Coreopsis plant named 'Show Stopper' USPTO PP22671
April 17, 2012 PP22672 Stemkens Mimulus aurantiacus plant named 'Minredda' USPTO PP22672
April 17, 2012 PP22673 Stemkens Mimulus plant named 'Mimapri' USPTO PP22673
April 17, 2012 PP22674 Kennedy Primula plant named 'K 74' USPTO PP22674
April 17, 2012 PP22675 Egger Tiarella plant named 'Appalachian Trail' USPTO PP22675
April 24, 2012 PP22676 Hooijman Rose plant named 'Esm Kata' USPTO PP22676
April 24, 2012 PP22677 Kivistik Clematis plant named 'UNAI 004' USPTO PP22677
April 24, 2012 PP22678 Kivistik Clematis plant named 'UNAI 007' USPTO PP22678
April 24, 2012 PP22679 Kivistik Clematis plant named `UNAI 002` USPTO PP22679
April 24, 2012 PP22680 Senior Buddleja plant named 'Burncross' USPTO PP22680
April 24, 2012 PP22681 Oudshoorn Malva plant named 'Poetry' USPTO PP22681
April 24, 2012 PP22682 Sakazaki Rhodanthemum plant named 'USRHOD0701' USPTO PP22682
April 24, 2012 PP22683 Bergman Chrysanthemum plant named 'CIDZ0013' USPTO PP22683
April 24, 2012 PP22684 Schuiver Geranium plant named 'Azure Rush' USPTO PP22684
April 24, 2012 PP22685 Kolipara et al. Hosta plant named 'Raspberry Sundae' USPTO PP22685
April 24, 2012 PP22686 Elliot Brachyscome plant named 'Cherish' USPTO PP22686
April 24, 2012 PP22687 Lesch Brunnera plant named 'SLDG' USPTO PP22687
April 24, 2012 PP22688 Saul Echinacea plant named 'Jacob Lewis' USPTO PP22688
April 24, 2012 PP22689 Hall Lavender plant named 'Patleigh' USPTO PP22689
April 24, 2012 PP22690 Horvath Sedum plant named 'Plum Perfection' USPTO PP22690



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