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Readings for New Year's Resolutions


A happy New Year., Digital ID 1588010, New York Public Library"A Happy New Year." New York Public Library. Digital ID provides a listing of popular New Year's Resolutions and related government resources to help you meet any of these goals. The Library is also a great place to find information to help you start off the New Year on the right foot.

A happy New Year., Digital ID 1588108, New York Public LibraryA happy New Year., Digital ID 1588108, New York Public LibraryWhat are you going to focus on this year?

And one more just from us:

The new year is also a great time to think about a project or plan you want to accomplish. With that concept in mind, I created a book list of the genre I like to think of as the "One Year Challenge." (For a while there it seemed like anyone could get a book deal with a blog and an outrageous idea about how to spend 12 months!)

In this list you can find the stories of real people who made a conscious decision to eat locally in Appalachiaeat locally in Vancouver B.C.only eat incook an entire cookbookseek out exotic delicaciesgo on a date with anyone who asksnot have sexfollow the Bible literallystart a real estate businesssimplify life and decrease clutternot buy anythingnot buy anything made in Chinaenjoy life and find happinesssay thank youfollow the teachings of a different self-help guru each monthfollow the teachings of Oprahwatch terrible moviesdo one scary thing every daytry a new job every weeklive below the poverty linemake as little environmental impact as possiblemake one positive environmental change per dayread a book a weekread a book a dayread the Harvard Classicsread the Oxford English Dictionaryexperience life as a manknit obsessivelymake a skull each dayget committed to a mental hospital, and move to a farmhouse in rural France.

A happy New Year., Digital ID 1587964, New York Public Library"A Happy New Year." New York Public Library. Digital ID 1587964.Another type of resolution you could make is to embark on something called a "365 project." Do something — anything — but the same thing every day for a year. Draw a picture, take a snapshot, jot a short journal entry, or write a poem — do whatever it is you enjoy that will help jump start your creativity or help you improve your technique. You can post your project on specifically designed websites, Flickr (see groups/366photos; groups/365days), Facebook, Twitter, or your own blog

Have you read and enjoyed another "One Year Challenge"? What is your resolution for the year? (Posting here might just make you feel more accountable for it later on.) Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Personally, I am finding that having access to great ebooks is helping me with my personal resolution to read more; with the Kindle app installed on my iPad and iPhone, it syncs to the last page I've read on either device. As my colleague says, reading on your phone is great because you can have an emergency book with you at all times!

Whatever your plans for this year, wishing you 365 happy days!


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great post ! I've never tried

great post ! I've never tried reading a book a day but I've tried writing a short story a day - only lasted till March or so but I had over 60 short (and horribly) written stories. was aiming for 365 stories ...

Reposted this!

Love this-even though I make no resolutions. Might try that one thing a day thing... Just have to decide the thing.

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