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Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver: A Review


They say that just before you die your whole life flashes before your eyes, but that’s not how it happens for me…

Samantha Kingston is in with the most popular clique at school, has a boyfriend that all the girls drool over … and is about to die.

This is the way it happens:

She wakes up on February 12th, Cupid Day at Thomas Jefferson High School, a day that people receive roses from their friends and admirers during class. She gets driven to school by her best-friend Lindsay, drinks coffee, gets a rose from her boyfriend, skips class and goes to TCBY, goes to a party at some dork’s house, gets in a car to go home, and BAM!—dies in a car crash.

The weird thing is, once she “goes into the light” something strange happens… the whole day starts over again.

She wakes up on February 12th , Cupid Day, she gets driven to school by her friend Lindsay, drinks coffee… well… you know the rest.

Samantha relives the day she dies not just once, but seven times. Each time she tries to change something… maybe if she skips the party she’ll live, maybe if she goes to math class she’ll live, maybe if she’s nicer to weirdo Juliet Sykes she’ll live.
Before I Fall is a little bit like 50 First Dates and Groundhog Day but written with much more beauty and poignancy. Samantha isn’t the most likable character, she makes fun of people for no real reason, has a massive ego, and hangs out with people just because they are popular too (regardless of they have any other positive qualities), but by the end of the novel, you grow to like her for who she is, faults and all. The book is a serious page-turner, especially once Sam realizes what she needs to do to end the cycle. Sometimes funny and sometimes sad, Before I Fall is a must-read for fans of:


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I loved this book, I would

I loved this book, I would recommend to all! A book to be put on the shelves....

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