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Stuff for the Teen Age, Poetry Month

The Undercover Muffins: Poetry


Take me away
and set me free
raise me up towards the sky
and let me soar
please unshackle me
I want to be free

Have you ever seen
the deep yearning that
lives in my heart
but shines like a beacon
though my eyes?

Let me not be the puppet anymore
and you no longer be my puppeteer
Let me beat to the beat of my own drum
and let me choose my own destiny

Untie these strings that burden
me to you
it only takes several snips
The first two snips
frees my arms
and the next two
frees my legs
and the last two frees my body
and my head

Thank you
for setting me free
for allowing me to rise towards
the sky and letting me be free
and finally, thank you, for unshackling me.

Why can't we be friends
Because your boyfriends in the way
The memories and thoughts
Seemed to be blown away
I wish I could take it back
But I thought wrong
It's no use...
The key to our friendship
Lies in your hand
Take it and unlock it please
I miss you.

Aura's Laugh

Make a joke
take a sudden gasp
she bangs her hands
against the table
as she laughs.

Head boppin' up and down
She can't help it
if someone's acting like a clown.

It's loud
It's unique
Aura's Laugh is Magnifique!

If you are 12-18 years old and interested in joining The Undercover Muffins, come to a meeting! Every Thursday 4:30-6pm at the Jefferson Market Library.


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