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"When I like a book,  I want a fellow reader to appreciate and enjoy it as much as I did.""When I like a book, I want a fellow reader to appreciate and enjoy it as much as I did."

Hey Mitali! What are you doing at the library today?

I’m here for the Teen Author Reading Night.

Is there any particular author you are excited to see?

I’m excited to see Elizabeth Scott and David Levithan.

What’s the last book you read by them?

I read The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott and I absolutely loved it! And currently I’m reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson which is co-authored by David Levithan and John Green.

Okay so, I know that you don’t just come to Teen Author Reading nights, you also host your own event here…

It’s called the Teen Author Carnival and two fellow bloggers—Devyn and Korianne—and I came up with the idea last year during Book Expo America because it’s a huge publishing event and lots of authors come from out of town so we figured it would be the best time to meet them and have like, a nice conversation since we are underage we couldn’t have it at a bar so we figured the library would be the best place and it would open up more readers to get a chance to meet them. So… we found Frank and Marie and they helped us and we had our Carnival with over 40 authors.

Hahaha! Are you planning on moving it to a bar when you are 21?

Not really! Haha! I don’t drink! It was Devyn’s idea to… “Let’s meet up for drinks!” is what Devyn said, and I said, "We are underage I don’t think they’ll let us in!"

I’m the sensible one here!

So what are some of the ways that you find out about new books?

I usually go to publisher websites and if not, I got to author websites. If I have read the first book in the series, if it is a series, I’ll look up what the second book is about. If not, I look at fellow blogger’s blogs. I look at The Story Siren because she’s got this cool meme called “Books to Pine For” and I look at other memes called “In My Mailbox” and “Waiting on Wednesdays.” I look at another blog called the Frenetic Reader and Zoe’s Book Reviews and Reverie Book Reviews… That’s all I can think of at the moment!

Do you tweet?

I tweet a lot. I’ve been told I tweet a lot. But lately, everyone tweets a lot!

What’s your twitter name?

I actually have one for my blog called AlleyofBooks, but I also have a personal one that everyone else follows.

Who are your favorite authors to follow on Twitter?

I follow Heidi Kling, I intern for her. Her book is called Sea and it is coming out in June so everyone should read it! She’s crazy, funny... she’s like a teenager herself so I love reading her tweets and we basically all talk about Ian Somerhalder and how hot he is. He plays Damon on Vampire Diaries. So our tweets are pretty much Damon craziness!

What are you looking forward to at this year’s Teen Author Carnival the most?

We have a huge variety of authors this year. We have a lot of guys this year, for once! And I’m excited to see what the panels turn out like and what our reader turn-out is.

Are you a student?

Yeah, I go to a community college in New Jersey but I plan on transferring to NYU soon.

What are you studying?

I’m a literature major.

What do you want to do after that?

I want to be a publicist. If not, an editor, but more a publicist. I like promoting people’s books!


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why does she say that she

why does she say that she found marie when she is talking to marie? instead of just saying i talked to you? XD

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