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The Undercover Muffins: Retro TV Round-up


This week Jefferson Market's teen book group, the Undercover Muffins, discussed some of the TV shows they watched as kids. Whether the shows were "awesome" or "so wrong," take a trip back in time with them and see what they have to say:

I Love Lucy:

"I really love this show. In almost every episode Lucy was getting in trouble and Ricky would get her out of it. They were a couple, a real life couple, not only in the show and they had a baby who also starred in the show. The couple's best friends were Ethel and Fred Mertz. I have watched this show since I was very young and to this day whenever it comes on I get really excited!"


Sesame Street:

"How can a children's show be so wrong!? Oscar the Grouch, I mean like why does he live in a trashcan and why does he have such an attitude? I mean, if he doesn't like living in that trash can, why doesn't he just leave? And the Cookie Monster, he just crazy! I mean he's like crazy addicted to cookies, it's like his crack! And Big Bird is crazy. He's schizophrenic. He had a crazy imaginary friend, Snuffleupagus, the mammoth. Big Bird was the only one who saw him and he would disappear when anyone else comes! Sesame Street is just SO WRONG!"


Three's Company:

"The sitcom Three's Company brought laughter and also brought families together. The show was about three roommates that came from different aspects of life. The three original casts were Janet, Chrissy, and Jack Tripper. Three's Company included sad, happy, and common stories of life with roommates. The cast moved in disagreeing on life and then transformed each of their lives into better and more stable lifestyles. The show brings females and males together and explains the importance of love and equal opportunities that the different sexes go through."



"Back when I was a child I used to watch Pokemon on a daily basis. This show was based on a character named Ash Ketchum. He journeyed far and wide on a conquest to capture Pokemon. It made me search for adventure!"



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