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Women's History Month

The Undercover Muffins: Women's History Month


In celebration of Women’s History Month, this week The Undercover Muffins discussed the women that inspire them. Having beauty, brains, and talent -as well as- overcoming hardships are some of the key things about them they found inspiring.

Check out who they picked and why:

Britney Spears:

"The importance of Britney Spears is her comeback. Britney Spears was known as “the pop queen” but later lost her title to “crazy rehab Britney Spears”. She went from going downhill to rising back up to the charts of music. There were many dilemmas in her life that she was not proud of, but collected herself back to who she is and created the music of a lifetime. Besides being the pop queen, Britney Spears had to focus on her two children she had with her estranged ex-husband, Kevin Federline. Raising kids in the Hollywood eye isn’t the best thing, but Britney seemed to control her life and bring her family together rather than keep it distant and in an uncomfortable environment for the kids. Britney Spears isn’t the biggest and most positive person, but she seemed to bring back the past and make a new positive lifestyle for herself and her family. "

"Britney Spears is also my idol when it comes to dance and singer status. No matter how bad her life may seem, she still works really hard when it comes to performing. She has always been good since she started her career at 16 years old and gets better each song. That’s where I want to reach at with my dance and signing career. No matter what I wanna dance and sing cause its one of the things that makes bad things go away."

Natalie Portman:

"One woman who has been very inspirational to me is Natalie Portman. Natalie Portman is an actress and I look up to her because she is a very good role model. She has had a very successful career and in my opinion, is a really good actress. She has also studied psychology in college which is something I would like to do. She also knows the Japanese language which I would like to learn. I like her because it’s not only her looks or her talent that make her stand out, but she is very smart. Natalie Portman is my role model."

“Nona” from Sins of the Mother:

"The mother in this movie went through hard times. She was an alcoholic and would leave her home with her young daughter all alone. She showed no compassion to her daughter and did not have a real mother-daughter relationship with her. When her daughter went away to college, she turned her life around and joined Alcoholics Anonymous. It took her daughter awhile to get over the past and it was hard for her to accept her mother.
The mother (played by Jill Scott) inspired me to believe that even though we make big mistakes and may get lost in life, we can always turn out lives around. She kept trying to get her daughter to forgive her and she never gave up."

Taylor Swift:

"This 20 year old singer has accomplished a lot in the past year. She was the first country singer to receive an R & B award. She has a very soft gorgeous face with bouncy blonde hair. Recently, Taylor Swift has appeared in her first movie, Valentine’s Day which came out February 14th 2010. It wasn’t a big role, but it was enough to promote her a little.

Alicia Keys:

"Alicia Keys is a very inspirational woman. Her songs enable many people from different walks of life to come together just with the power of her lyrics. I have loved her songs for quiet a long time. My favorite song by her is “If I Ain’t Got You”. Sometimes when I am down I just pop in a song of her’s and rock to the beat!"


"I think Beyonce is a good influence on girls nowadays. I like how in the VMAs she acted very mature. When Kanye was rude to Taylor Swift you could tell Beyonce was all shocked. Later on when Beyonce won, she gave her moment of fame to Taylor. I like how she handled the situation and thought about how at her age how much it meant to her, to give up her moment of fame to Swift. She showed a good sense of self control and showed she was mature and acted as a good role model and overall good influence."


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Best post ever. Muffin

Best post ever. Muffin power! ♥, Harlee Harte

Undercover Muffins 4 Ever!!

Undercover Muffins 4 Ever!!

Totally Agree!

Best. Post. Ever! Way to go MUFFINS!


No offense to women, or history, but unless this is pandering to the youthful among your readers, it is clearly a sign of a sad state of affairs of the kinds of people we look to as role models in this country. Britney Spears? Really? Her "comeback" was entirely hype driven & most of the hype surrounded the trainwreck that her personal life has become over the years. Name recognition, image & pull of her record company gets her exposure to the upper echelon of songwriting talent & producers, & she basically picks songs for her albums out of a hat. Her hard work when it comes to performing amounts essentially to making sure her lip movements are in sync with whatever pre-recorded lyrics are coming from the speakers. Aren't there any women out there who are scientists, mathematicians, doctors, or other valuable contributors to society, other than this parade of Cosmo covergirls?

Re: Hmm

The Undercover Muffins are a teen group that meets at the Jefferson Market Branch. This post was written by the teens themselves, for other teens. It is about women who, to them, are inspiring.

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