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Mount Loretto, Staten Island, NY


General View of Mount Loretto Staten Island, N.Y., Digital ID 104622, New York Public LibraryThis picture is at Mount Loretto, which was founded as Catholic orphanage on Staten Island in the late 19th century. It is still operating today, but it is not really an orphanage anymore; it is more of a social service agency. They recently built a CYO on its grounds and it has become a community center, with inside basketball courts and meeting rooms.

The church in the picture is still standing, but the buildings on either side are gone. In the early 1970's the exterior of the church was used in a scene from the famous movie The Godfather. There was a fire at the church shortly after the filming; only the facade was still standing. The church was rebuilt and was in operation again a few years later.

Mount Loretto is located about a mile from the Tottenville Library.

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looking for history and answers from mount loretto

My father is Jeremiah Blunnie, he was born in 1932 and he was one of seven children born of Margaret Mary (supple)Blunnie and John Joseph Blunnie. His siblings were as follows: Oldest: Patrick J. Blunnie who never resided at the orphanage, was in the army at age 15. 2nd oldest was my father Jeremiah, then John Francis Blunnie, Margaret Mary Blunnie the only girl of the 7 children, Thomas (middle name unsure) Blunnie, James Blunnie, and Michael Blunnie. middle names i am unsure of. Jeremiah, my father, married a woman named Christine who also resided in the orphanage. I would like to find people who knew my relatives or may have attended school with them. My father and Michael Blunnie are the only remaining survivors of the seven children. My father and his brother are estranged from one another and my father's clarity on events has left him as he is 79 yrs old. anyone with information i would love to hear from you. Please contact me, Trisha @

I was at Mount Loretto early 1960's

My Name is George Mateo and was in Mount Loretto in the early 60's with 3 of my brothers.I have a lot of good memories and friends who's names I still remember. In the late 80's I met one of my best friends (Cesar) who went to The Navy but then lost contact with him. We resided at 1st cottage and the head nun there was Sister lorentene (I hope I spelled that right) We also Had a live in consular name Margret and her dog Skippy. We had lots of fun there and learned to play all kinds of sports. I miss those days and my friends. If you were there at this time or know me you can e-mail me at

mount loretto

i was there from 1964 till 1969. i sure miss all my friends from that time.

remembering the mount.

hi I was at the mt.from 1965-1969 then went to the first group home they created in the bronx on olinville ave.. my memories of the mt. was both tuff and great.. I was bullied alot.. but i guess that came with it.. I learned alot from everyone and I appreciated. I started in 1st cottage then I think I went to 3rd then 4th. before I left. my counsellor in 1st was miss margaret and mr jim.. in 3rd I think his name was joe (german guy) miss ann and miss jennifer in 4th it was mr douglas(flip wilson lol. the sergent)I will never forget the mt and all the friends i made..

I to was in third cottage do

I to was in third cottage do you rember phil flored, that mean conselor? My nick name was figgy. I played soccer and all sports. my contact # is 845-282-9584. I am looking forward to seeing you and all my old friends at the reunin.

I played soccer with you at

I played soccer with you at Gjoa...long time brother was John. Mike Boulos

Hi Carlos

Dont know how I found this website but its a good one. I may be getting out of the National Guard soon, so dont know how long Im going to be coming up to Camp Smith, My cell bummed out on me with all mny numbers before I cdan back them up in my new one. If you get this message email me. Your Bro John Boy

Hi there my name is Wilson

Hi there my name is Wilson Ramos was at mount from 65 to 69 first cottage miss margret and mister Jim I remember my hole family was with me all eight of us I was youngest coco my sister the oldest Benny, Elsie, Ralph,Jose,Edwin,Peter anyone remember us? The Ramos family

I was there too

I was in the same cottage at the same time. Sr. Mary Laurentine use to head the singing at the church where I was an altar boy. I also remember Margaret and Skippy, a black and white dog. Did you have a brother named Hector?

I was in Mount Loretto

I was in Mount Loretto as a staff member working along side the nuns and to this day it was the best job and times of my life. I lost my father in WWII, and my mother my junior year in college. I left college in Janruary,1964 and fell into the job at Mt. Loretto. It was as if I had a loving and nuturing family again. The nuns were wonderful and working with the girls I worked with over at St. Elizabeth's was the best time of my life. I was devastated to find out that St. Elizabeth's building had burned down and today to learn Mt. Loretto has changed so much. It's gratifying to fine this page and read so much about children who had been at the Mission and refer to themselves as "Mission Kids" I think of all of you often, I became a social worker and therapist. I currently live in Los Angeles, CA Mary

I was at Mount Loretto

Hi Mary, I was at Mount Loretto and I wonder if you knew a counselor named Pat Smith. She was very kind to me and I often wonder what became of her. Also, it would be nice if you could go to the Reunion on September 18, 2010. I'm sure people would remember you and be happy to see you. Take care.

Hi, I was at the Mount in the

Hi, I was at the Mount in the late 60s and my counselor was Ms.Margaret. Don't remember if I was in the "baby" section at the time or a junior. I was very close to Father Eugene Mangan and caught up with him years after I left S.I. There is not much that I can remember, but I do remember the good times I had there, and the wonderful people I met. I was very close with Sister Rosaire, Sister Christopher and Mr. Kelly, my math teacher. Sister Helen, (mean as a bulldog, sorry about that)was the least liked. There are still a few names I remember. Curious if you would remember any of them: Adelina Rodriguez, Lillian Paniagua, Donna Sica, Margaret & Karen Cusack, Edna & Luxie Rodgriguez. Hope you can respond. Irma Morales New York/New Jersey

Oh yes..Sr Helen fox...she

Oh yes..Sr Helen fox...she was mean very mean....My statement of being nearly thrown out a window by her....omg..If I had any fears , she completed them for me. sorry mary

mount loretto

hi irma my name is david perez i also was at the mount for that time they called me mousie n my brother is gilber perez. i remeber father mangan i was and alter boy. and i have made contact with others that were also there like william costales whent by the name of billy.your name is so familiar i just cant put face to it.if u remember us we on david perez ,billy black wolf costales n gilber perez.

At Mount Loretto, Summer of 71 to Feb 76

Calling out to anyone that may remember me.. I had some great teenage friends from my time in forth and fifth cottages and playing ball there. would like to some day soon go to a reunion there. Need to try to remember some of the names... Michael Black, had a sister Michelle; Izzy, Pengergrass; Larry Waldorf, believe I remember the Perez brothers...

Mt Loretto

I read your post regarding Mt Loretto. I am currently doing some research about WWII. You sai that you lost your father in the war and I was wondering who he may be. Was he a Staten Islander thats who we are trying to document. It seem that there were a fair number of men that had passed through Mount Loretto who gave their lives that may not have been recognized.

The Morreale sisters

Do you remember any of the Morreale sisters? Rosemary, Darlene, Virginia and Teresa? They are family and I live in Malibu and am interested in talking if you remember them.

Looking for my friend Omega 1 & 2 Year 1987 to 1993

Looking for friends from Omega House 1 & 2 years 1987 to 1993. I was there during this time. My name is Jason Kerr and I am looking to get in contact with other residents who were there at the same time. Management was Anna Fleming also duty supervisor was Walter Moore. Residents names Jose "Chico" Santos, Jason Curry, Al Anderson, Jimmy James Dugard. Please contact me I am currently living in the Bronx.

Omega house 1986-1988

I was at omega house also, I think 1986-1988. Your name sounds very familiar. I was confirmed while at the mount- Anna Flemming and Walter Moore became my God-parents. I've lost touch with them. anyone else out there?

I was there I remember you I

I was there I remember you I was your friend and your roommate You can write back at

Hello Venus Rhodes I remember

Hello Venus Rhodes I remember you please email me back this is ruth foster but I am ruth cortes now . Please email me at

I remember you I am ruth

I remember you I am ruth Foster I am in the bronx too You can write back

omega1 in 1984 to 1990

I was also in omega 1 in staten island . I do know you jason kerr and venus You can reach me at

I remember you jason kerr as

I remember you jason kerr as it was yesterday. We was in the same home. I am in the bronx too. I was looking for some people too i find some of them like two. I wish there was away we can be in touch i trying looking you up please email me at

hello jason i remember u

I am Ruth cortes but my name was Ruth foster we was omega together please contact me by email. My email is

Researching my Grandmother's Life

My grandmother was at Mt Lorretto in the 1920s. She left in 1932. She had fond memories. Does anyone have any photos dating back that far that you would be willing to share?

Mt Loretta

My mother went to Mt Loretta with her sister and brother when she was 4 years old. She was born in 1918 so that would have been about 1922. She stayed until age 16. I guess around 1934 she had no photos of those years. Another post spoke of a graduation picture a person had of her mother's class (her mother was the same age as mine). My mother told stories often of "the home" as she called it. Her name was Estelle Marie McHugh. Is your mother still living? Mine passed away 5 years ago at the age of 88

i was on the mount late70to1983

i was on the mount with julius/baldy/jr brown it was the best time of my life. i was in cottage b anybody out ther then please shootme an email

I think I know you

Do you remember when they turned Cottage A into a jailhouse; they had unbreakable plexiglass on the windows? David

yes i remember

they had to cause they moved tho boys from duval down there lol

I was on the maintenance crew

I was on the maintenance crew when they dismantled it; then they turned it back into Cottage A; only after they emptied out St.Anthony's and a few other houses. I believe thay converted our old houses for the mentally disturbed children...little did they know; we were all mentally least I was..LOL! Do you ever hear from Raheem or Tommy Diggs? What was the name of the old councellor form cottage B; you know...the white guy? He was cool. David

My Grandfather

My Grandfather was at Mount Loretto as a child and then onto Farmerdale Long Island Trade School for Boys until he was 17 in 1940. He passed away in 2006 and always had a tough time speaking of his life there. He had terrible scars on his back from the beatings he endured. We do not have much information about his life or parents. He was haunted by the memories of his childhood and did not speak of it but only once to me. Does anyone know how I might find more information about his life?

mount loretto

if you remeber me i was in third cottage 1962 to1976 please call me if you was in third cottage at 8452829584


My Husband, DOMINICK DeFILIPPO, was an orphan at Mt. Loretta in the 1930's/1940's. Anyone out there remember him ? I remember him loving a Sister Aquinatta, whom he claimed was kind to him. I know he learned many skills while he was there. I would love to know more if you can share info and or pics. Thank you.

Our family Lorriane, John,

Our family Lorriane, John, Joanne, Edward, and Daniel, lived at Mt. Lorreto.And we thank the hevens every day for our lives and that they will forever be apart of Mt. Lorreto history. Dawn and Bridget

THE MOUNT. the short story of a once kid who played with fun.

To all the people who ever lived in M.I.V. remember you are blessed for ever. the place was a life time joy for many kids that played sports there and enjoyed all the activities they always had for us, no electronic games no sitting around, always free to run around , good make believe games. it was the best fun ever as a kid i learned so much there i became a good baseball player, a good football player also track and field, boxing, swimming and a good student , i joined the military after and served my country but before all that i attended Tottenville H.S. also as a at kid I.S.34 played gym hockey after school against other schools, till this day i stay in touch with M.I.V. i remember being the one kid looking out my 3rd house window seeing the smoke coming from the beautiful church were i was baptized and made my first communion, i was 13 yrs old i reported the fire to the night man on duty, the next day i remember and seeing the Bishop Oconnor in front of the church(it was a long time ago but i am sure that's right) i happen to be one of the kids he had put his arm around my shoulder i was wearing a red M.I.V. jacket never forget it was a sad day( that photo came out in the paper the next day) indeed the church that meant so much to so many of us and others. a year before that i remember all the kids including me being sent on buses to palisades amusement park rides lots of fun back then. Now i believe that was in order for them to film part of the movie the Godfather at that same church with no kids on the grounds interfering the filming , we were treated very special. always going to NY Met Games, Firemen Fun Day so much History i still have the true story of MT. Loretto in my heart. from 1968 to 1978. but i ended up in the Persian Gulf in late 1979 after boot camp training and Hawaii during that was time the hostages in Iran 444 days captivity but before all that i got to play in Yankee Stadium for the new york city Majors Trophy game.i happen to be chosen to represent M.I.V.for one of the good players from the school. (sandlot baseball) NY Met Vs NY Yankees I got the winning Hit that day and beat the NY Met score 4to3, never forget few days before that great experience happen i was in the Bronx sitting on a bench outside Yankee Stadium in the night with a friend and i remember making a wish looking up at the Stadium ' wow i wish i could play here' God did answer my prayers. next day on the Staten Island Advance head lines "Dream Comes true for Carmelo Torres" this is who i am a kid that came from Puerto Rico at the age of 5 because my moms had passed and lived in the streets of Harlem 145st with an uncle then the Bronx with a aunt. But got to see visit many countries all over the world when i enlisted in the military. Today i stay in contact with M.I.V. and the man that cared so much for all of us so well. The one and only Mr.Bill D'amBrosio he is the strong link to all the unity. Great leader great coach great father the whole world would be a better place if everyone could have a person like him in their lives. his teaching and coaching unbelievable. what a great coach when it came to life and football i could see him coaching in the NFL with out question! they were many other coaches and teachers but no one other has come as far to show so much care and love for kids and people the way he has During my time and i am sure others. we call him our "God Father" which he is for me forever and I am sure for so many others.I thank you "GodFather" for all the teaching and memories. Anyone out there reading this please remember to go back and visit where we all grew up at as kids and became young men. "Be blessed again". M.I.V. was the truth and still holds love. to contact me contact our "GodFather"( Mr. Bill D'amBrosio) to all of those that ever lived there during my time.

I remember you Carmelo

remember you Carmelo. You had thick long hair and a headband while you attended Tottenville. All the kids from the mount were pretty cool and fortunate to have landed at the Mount. Hope everything turned out well for you my man!!

hi if you were one of us you

hi if you were one of us you can contact me @ thx

I do not live on the Mount. I

I do not live on the Mount. I attended IS 34 and Tottenville HS with you. god bless

I remember you Melo Magic was your tag

i first met you in the orientation building up on the St.Elizabeth side of Mount Loretto in the early 70's; you had a room that faced Monsignors's hill and you loved Parliment Funkadelic. I can still remember the picture you painted on the road to the house by the beach. It was a picture of a magician. i also remember Bill D'amBrosio, and he purchased the DJ equipment for the mount. Some of my favorite teachers are, Ms Zarelli;(Typing) Mr.Murhta (math) Mr. Williky; Science) Mr. Stern; Mr. Nunziotta, (taylor Shop) Mr. Lemondolla, Barber shop, mr. Ferrera Metal shop, Mr. Anderson, Woodshop Mr.Miller Autoshop...Mr. Dubinski; mr.Byers and so on. I was there from 1974 to 1980 and I remember nothing but good times and great people, the people that I remember most are the one who left a lasting impression on me...Its good to know that you are well...God Bless You Melo Magic. David

missing the mount

i was on the mount from 1979 till 1983 do any one remember jr.brown/baldi/julius/oj/dave/wolfredo iwas in cottage b i miss those days i wish i can see some of my freinds again if anybody was there then give me a call 9194031420

Hello, Do you remember Freddy

Hello, Do you remember Freddy Martinez aka Lucan, John RC, Gloria Earl aka butter, Roslyn Martinez aka Sugar, Gina, Yolanda, little bit, Felipe, I was there 1982-1984 on and off. there was a counselor there named Mac, he was a very large, kind, large man. I think he drove a big red car.. write back if you know any of these people!


yes I remember all those you mention especiallly Mac and his big red 2door lincoln with the white top and his partner in crime the other consulor Genola

your response

Hello! May I ask who you are? I am Roslyn AKA Sugar ( I don't go by that though lol..) Omgosh! yes the big red car! I often wonder how everyone is doing.. What house were you in? Do you know me? would love to know how life turned out for you.. you may email me at Look forward to hearing from you!!

Yes! I remember all you

Yes! I remember all you mention Mac,Genola, Residents Gina ,Yolanda, Bernard and Christina brother and sisters a guy name Carlos I can go on and on with naming people I remember would love to see some of you guys my E-Mail is I have some pics also the best time of my life the Mount...

Yes I was there from 1982 -

Yes I was there from 1982 - 1985 I remember Mac Genola Gina the resident and yolanda that was the most fun I had in my life I met my husband there also I miss all those guys I wish I can see some of them today... If anybody has info on Mac please let me know my e- mail is

Yes I remember I was on the

Yes I remember I was on the mount from 1982-1985 I remember all those people Genola Mac he was the best Gina ,Yolanda I remember Rc cute Hispanic guy lol if anyone has any info I would love to see these folks again I met my husband on the Mount those were the best times of my young life I remember you to I was one of the younger ones in the group I think I even have a pic of you...

John RC Mr.. Don't touch my

John RC Mr.. Don't touch my face I was a primie! Oh my gosh he was indeed a hottie.. lol Do you have a facebook?

finding mom

Hello, My mother was pregnant with me between 1969 and 1970, the year of my birth. Her last name was Cox, and i believe her first name was Antoinette. She was in a home for girls in staten Island around that time. i was born in Staten island hospital (which has been since closed) I'm trying to find her. I was place for adoption at birth with the Sheltering Arms center in Manhattan. She was 18 at the time. My father was a jewish boy that she had been dating. i know nothing of his name. If anyone has any information I would greatly appreciate a bit of direction. Thank you.

3rd house.

I have read about a lot of sad stories and searches here. I hope & pray these people resolve their hopes and strifes. I was there for a very short while in the late 60's, but I remember a great deal about it. I was in 3rd house with the younger kids, from about 8 yrs old till I was about 10. I had my 1st Holy Communion at St. Joachim & Ann's Church before it burned down. I remember we had a beagle named "Snoopy" who was one of the most lovable dogs I had ever seen in my life. The best thing I remember at MIV was the Christmases I spent there. They were the best I ever had because of something special they did that will stay with me forever. I guess through donations, we all got some money and a spending spree at Gimbels in NYC. I also remember the kids all singing the Christmas carols together. I remember the treatment was very strict but fair in my experience, although I do remember some kids getting punished alot more than I did. I was punished alot until I finally surrendered and became very committed to church-going and praying. My counselors that I remember were Brother Micheal Waak & Brother John. I remember a kind lady named "Miss Claire" too. In third house, the dormitory floor was called St. Pius and St. Jude. I would like to hear from my friends that I made there, unfortunately I don't remember their names except for a few but no last names. I remember a kid we called "Jack Bruce". That was his first name and middle name, I think. He was greek and always talked about his dad. He was my best friend there, but I don't remember his last name. Anyone who was in 3rd house from 1967 to 1970 might know me. Write on this blog so I can contact you.

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