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Mount Loretto, Staten Island, NY


General View of Mount Loretto Staten Island, N.Y., Digital ID 104622, New York Public LibraryThis picture is at Mount Loretto, which was founded as Catholic orphanage on Staten Island in the late 19th century. It is still operating today, but it is not really an orphanage anymore; it is more of a social service agency. They recently built a CYO on its grounds and it has become a community center, with inside basketball courts and meeting rooms.

The church in the picture is still standing, but the buildings on either side are gone. In the early 1970's the exterior of the church was used in a scene from the famous movie The Godfather. There was a fire at the church shortly after the filming; only the facade was still standing. The church was rebuilt and was in operation again a few years later.

Mount Loretto is located about a mile from the Tottenville Library.

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I was in Mount loretto from

I was in Mount loretto from AGE 6 TO 18. lOOKING BACK AT IT, The nuns taught me a lot of values that I still use in life. I have a lot to be grateful for.

I was in Mount Loretto at

I was in Mount Loretto at same age but was into a home at age 12 I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers that I do not now what happen to them.

omg joanne

hi, its julio reyes, think about you offten. i hope all is well with you. and life has been good.

Angel Reyes

Good Day, This is a shot in the dark but here we go. My mother, Dora Rodriguez, was in Mount Lorreto in the 1940's - 1950's. During her stay she met a man named Angel Reyes who had a relationship with my mom during her stay and after she left. Angel Reyes may be the dad of my sister which is why I am reaching out. It is very important for my sister to know if Angel is her dad. Please email me at if you are the brother of Angel Reyes.

julio rayes . we used to

julio rayes . we used to call you moon man . the other kids now and then we are all in our sixtys now. take care.

Looking for Pictures

Did anyone know my dad, Nelson A? I think he was at the Mount in the mid to late 50's.


If you mean Nelson Aliers (spelling?), I knew him at the Mt. during the early 60s. We were both kids at the mission during that time. Strange to say we ran into each other in Loc Ninh, Vietnam as out two units returned to base after a mission. Nelson was in Co. B, 2/28th Infantry, 1 St. Inf. Div., I was in Co.A. This was in June of 1966. Hope this helps.

Looking for information about my mother and two uncles

Looking for information about the Malloy Children. Jim and Jack were twins Eileen was the younger sister Time frame was probably 1950-1960 Any infomation would be great. Thanks Cliff

I use to play handball with a

I use to play handball with a James Molloy during the early 50's. That's about all I know.

looking for people I was in the home with. as well as my brother

I was in "Third House " from 1973-1979. I was always called Big Moe. I had two brothers one named Miguel one named Jose. I've been looking for my brother Miguel. I use to hang out with two guys named the twin brothers. If you were there around my time you would know who they were.

i was at mt loretto from,

i was at mt loretto from, l923 to 1932. Looking back, I was very fortunate to have been place there with my sisters and brother. The nuns were very special indeed.

My father and his brothers

My father and his brothers were there at the same time, which I knew, but was confirmed when I saw the 1930 census list. Bernard, Joe, Frank, James and Vincent (very bad eyesight) Was looking for grandparents origin at the time. I remember Bernie told me he learned how to sew there.

My mother was at Mt. Loretto

My mother was at Mt. Loretto from the age of 8 until she was 16. She was born in 1918, so she was there from, approximately, 1926 until 1934. She was then placed in a series of private homes working as a "mother's helper". Her name was Marion Muller. Do you remember anyone by that name? She passed away 2 years ago, but she spoke about Mt. Loretto many times while I was growing up. I have a picture of her graduating class and her diploma. If you can give me any information about my mother and/or your years at Mt. Loretto, I would be most appreciative. Thank you.

My mother Mary Smith was

My mother Mary Smith was born in 1919 and was at Mount Loretto at the same time as you mother. MY uncle Raymond Smith was a few years younger and was there too. My mother died in 2004. She took me there as a child so I remember it well. She referred to it as the convent and spoke of Sister Hortense. May God rest their souls. I going to try the census records for that time and also the Archdiocese of NY


I was at Mount Loretto and I emailed them for my records. I recieved all that they had about me a month later. All they requested was a donation. My Aunt who was born in 1911 she has since past she was there with her siblings. At that time they were separated since their Mother was Irish and father was black. That is how I landed there in 1953. They were wonderful to me and my siblings.


Could you please tell me the email address you used to get your records? I am searching for my aunt...we believe she was given to Mount Loretto as a baby in 1934! I appreciate any help you can give me...

Thank you

I would like the e-m as well for my research

email address for Mt. Loretto

I am trying to obtain medical records for my late husband who was placed at Mt. Loretto about 60 years ago. I saw your email message online and see that you were able to obtain your records for a donation. I would greatly appreciate your forwarding me the email address that you used to get these records so that I may contact them for this very important matter. Many thanks for any help that you can provide.


I contacted MSL to ask for records when my Father was there, they told me there was a fire and no reords were available 1933> did u have any luck? John


Hi. My dad and his 4 brothers were in Mount Loretta from age 7 to 13 around 1950. May I ask how you get records from Mount Loretta.

old records from 1948-1960

I was in the mount for 12 years - age two to 14 - how can I get my old records? Thanks

Email address for Records

Do you happen to have the email address still? My dad has been wanting to find his records, it would be greatly appreciated. My email is

Mount Loretta

My mom was born 1920 her name is Virginia O'Brien she talks about sister Hortense and how good she was to her.My older sister is named Loretta.

Archdiocese of NY Census Records

I was at Mt. Loretto from the age 6 to 14 (1946 to 1954), and I can't imagine what my life would have been like without it. (Please check it out on WikiPedia.) For a neglected child (and not an "orphan") it was a great place to grow up. Thanks to all those Franciscan nuns who devoted their lives. (See you in heaven, Sr. Juanita!) I, too, am interested in your research (census and Archdiocese). Could you please let me know how to contact these sources. Thanks for your help and God bless you.

Get in touch

Hi - Saw your posting and I was there from 1948 until 1956. My name is Diane Fitzpatrick. If you remember me email me at Hope to hear from you. Diane


i'm trying to trace them. They were McGraws. Their mom put four of them in Mt. Loretto when they were different ages. i think they were put in mt. loretto's in 1904.

Mt Loretta

My mother was at Mt Loretta. She was also born in 1918 and went there when she was 4 years old, staying till aged 16. Your mother and mine would be the same age. It would be so wonderful to see that graduation picture. My mother passed away the day after Christmas in 2006. She told us so many stories about "the home". She was there with her sister and one brother. Her name was Estelle Marie McHugh. she was born October 5, 1918, her father passed away in the influenza epidemic when she was 6 weeks old and her mother had to give the 3 children over to the care of the nuns at Mt. Loretta 4 years later. My name is Sheila Schisler, I am in Columbus, OH. I hope to hear from you.

Mount Loretto - looking for info about my grandfather

Does anyone remember Nicholas Mele or his brothers and sisters (Ernest, Basil, John, Agnes)? The only thing I knew growing up is that he lived there with his siblings. He was born in 1913. I found a 1920 census that shows them living in Bronx, NY and then a 1930 census showing them at Mount Loretto. Their parents had to have died between 1920-1930...but otherwise I don't know much more. I'm researching my family history and would love to know more. Any help you could give me is greatly appreciated. If anyone remembers any of them and went there the same time...I would love to hear from you as well. Michele

Re: A possible connection

Hello, I have been digging into my family history and found that my maternal grandmother was there at the same time. Can you please let me know if you knew her? Her name was Josephine Manderano 1914-1977. Thank you Dawn


yea i was there i remember josephine manderano

Thank you

My Father, his Brother and Sister were all in MSL,after their Mother died in 1933. What was the orphanage like. were kids taught, as if they were in school? Did they work and if so did they get paid? Thank you, John

Thank you

My father Domenick Monaco(Sonny,his brother Salvaltore, his sister Jean were all at MSL after their mother died in 1923. I dont know how long they were there? My friend's father Phil O'Mara and his siblings were also in MSL. I dont know the years Any info, Thank you John



Yes a boy eddy was one of the

Yes a boy eddy was one of the Ramos family lives now in Vegas I'm his young est brother Wilson ramos

I just heard this name from

I just heard this name from my sister as a place where our mothers' cousins were placed as children. We are not sure why, when. They were 3 daughters Anne, May, Ella Donnelly. Do you have people interested in Family History research that have a point of contact in your organization?

Pat, New York Public Library

Pat, New York Public Library has a <a href="">Local History and Genealogy Division</a> at the research library on 42nd Street. You can ask them for guidance in your genealogical research by sending an e-mail with your questions to <a href=""></a>.

My father was at Mtl

My father was at Mtl Loretto. His sister was sent to the Angel Guardian Home (for iinfants and toddlers) then the Convent of Mercy on Willoughby St, Brooklyn. All these orphanages were run by the Sisters of Mercy. They may still have records. Also check the US Census. I know the 1930 census has the names of nuns and kids at the Convent of Mercy.

I was at Mt Loretto back in

I was at Mt Loretto back in the 1950 and 1960' is where me and my brothers went to school..this was our home...we have all good memories and will always remember the good times...

I didn't get your name, mine

I didn't get your name, mine is walter and I wrote a book about Mount Loretto, which is called,"Autobiography of an American Orphan." It's on sale at Barnes and, and and in selected Barnes and Noble stores now. My story begins in 1949 and covers about ten years in the orpanage. Please take a look at my book and send me your impressions. Thank you. Sincerely, -Walter-


Hi Walter, My name is Deborah. I have written many times about the Mission, but never published. How wonderful! I am going to buy your book. I hope when I come back to this page and post my comment you will be here!

Your book

Dear Walter, It appears that I was at the Mount a couple of years ahead of you. I just finished reading your book and it is so similar to the path that I took during my Mission experience. You didn't mention a Mr. Norse in house 3. He was a large Santa Claus looking man with a gentle demeanor and a terrific rapport with us little guys. I was baptized at the Mount and he was my godfather. I liked your description of Nick in house 6. All the dancing that I did throughout my life was made possible because he took the time to teach us. You also didn't Sister Saint Williams in Cottage A. I don't recall all the violence. My wife thinks that my mind is still blocking most of this. I do remember Chuck Mc Carthy. He was the most terrifying sadistic son of a bitch I've met. I know that I was never his target and it never occurred to me that having older siblings in the big side may have had something to do with this. Anyway, I truly enjoyed your account of life at the Mount. I am a retired Accountant living in Winder, Georgia. I have many photos of the Mount and I would like to get copies of some of Father Kenny's photo collection. I played quarterback for his Trojans and point guard on the basketball team. Like you I believe that We were better off at the Mount than living with our parents in the city. I will be 70 Years old on my next birthday and I still play basketball several times a week. Oh yeah, One more thing. Sister Rose Assumpta. She was my first love and Mary Jane kachik was my second love. I would sure like to tell them what they meant to me. Jose (Pee Wee) Ruiz 520 Rosewood Circle Winder, Georgia 30680 678-963-5061 E-mail


Hi Jose, With respect to your comment abou having pictures of the Mount, would you by any chance have a good picture of St. Aloysius School? How about Loretto and Corcoran Cottages? If so, is there any way you could email clear copies to me? Based on what you recount in your post, I'd say that we may have been there at the same time (although I may have been a bit ahead of you). I well recall an Alice Kachik who was a classmate of mine at THS, and I seem to recall that she had (at least) one sister who used to tag along with us on the almost daily walk from the Mount into THS, and that very well could have been Mary Jane. And, I, too, had a crush on Sr. Rose Assumpta. I think it started right after I saw her whack a ball a hell of a lot harder and futher than I was able to! Thanks, John

Mt Loretto 1950s

Hi John, I have a couple hundred pictures of the Mt from the 50s. We were probably in the same classes at St. Aloysius and maybe the same cottages. E me and I'll send you the pics. I had Mr. O'connor and Nick in the cottages then I was in St. Agnes in the old buildings and Then St. Peters and one other place whose name escapes. NEAL

Photo's of St. Aloysius school & cottage"s

Dear neal I just saw your note to John, and I and my sister would love it!!! if you would be so kind as to also email us picture's of the school. :) I and my sister all lived and went to school at the mount. We first arrived there in 1970 I know it probaly was different somehow... but still would love to see pic's of the cottages too my sisters live in the castle at that time a big big dog named brandy lay at the front doors near office here is my email address we would appreciate it greatly.. :) My sister got some pic's shortly after the fire from a photographer who took them I myself live in the villa across from the castle as we call it at that time.. it was located on the side of ocean.... Thank you take care..... hope my email reaches you


Saw your, my brothers: Mark and Larry and sister Karen were there from 1970 to 1973.

brother and friend from Mount Loretto

Hope to hear from you soon had contact with PeeWee

mt loretto pics

Neal- My dad was in Loretto in early 50's would it be possible for you to pass along some pictures to me at above address? Thank you in advance Tamara

Mount Loretto

Might be a long shot but thought I ask anyways. Would you happen to have some pictures of the late 50's and 60's at the mount? Even if you don't, I still would love to see some of the pictures you may have. My Dad was there from 1959 to 1969. His name is Jim Padilla Thank you


I remember a Jimmy Padilla during that time. He had a brother named Hector. I knew Hector causally, but Jimmy and I were in the same cottage for a couple of years. Ran into him years later in NYC, where he worked managing a Tux rental store. Best of luck in your search, and say hello to your dad and uncle.

mount loretto

Dear Jose, Thank you for reading my book. I apologize for not answering sooner. There's been some turmoil in my life. I dont recall Mr. Norse, he may have left or died by the time I came. Nick, in the 6th house, got us into volleyball, that's all I remember of his interaction with us. A couple of years can make a big difference. As for the violence and the beatings, I didn't recall it either, until I tried to do so while alone. The reason I attempted to do so, was because of a murderous rage that terrified the people around me and no doubt blocked my path in life. It didn't matter how hard I worked or how much education I acquired, I was never acceptable and I believe it was in large part because of this. Though I have never been violent, the rage alone had to be confronted. I truly believe I'm much better off for doing so. Your assessment of Chuck McCarthy was also different than mine. So, I suppose that we all see the world through our own experiences. God bless you and keep you comfortable in this life and the next. Sincerely, -Walter-

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