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Part I: Doing Due Diligence to Find the Right Investor

October 7, 2015 - 11:00am
Make sure you do your homework

Why You Need More Than Good Chemistry to Forge Lasting Partnerships

October 7, 2015 - 10:26am
There's a reason running a family business or launching a company with friends can get sticky. Don't let a good relationship blind you from making sound decisions.

The Most Important Skill Of Leadership

October 7, 2015 - 10:15am
Great leaders ask these three questions when making any decision.

The One Secret to Improving Every Single Presentation

October 7, 2015 - 10:00am
Susan Lyne, president of BBG Ventures at AOL, explains the key to an effective pitch that will convince investors to back your startup.

75 Incorrectly Used Words That Can Make You Look Dumb

October 7, 2015 - 9:40am
How many of these do you get wrong?

The Recipe for the Perfect Afternoon Energy Boost

October 7, 2015 - 9:30am
It's time for pro-nap people and caffeine lovers to call off the war -- the answer to maximum afternoon productivity is both.

Why Elon Musk, Other Entrepreneurs Fear Vacations

October 7, 2015 - 9:25am
An aversion to vacations is an Achilles heel even among the strongest entrepreneurs.

Lesser of Two Evils: Convertible Debt or Priced Round?

October 7, 2015 - 9:20am
An investor takes a thorough look at the pros and cons of using convertible debt in start-up investment rounds.

Niche To Know You (And To Grow)

October 7, 2015 - 9:10am
Networking options have proliferated and social media platforms have democratized making connections, however, the success of your product or service may come from networking exclusively with less.

5 Ways to Stop Being Lazy Now

October 7, 2015 - 9:05am
Sometimes it's hard to feel in work mode. Here Inc. experts share how to get going when you're motivation is slack.

Rebecca Minkoff: 'You Always Learn Something When You Fail'

October 7, 2015 - 9:02am
Rebecca Minkoff, co-founder of the eponymous ready-to-wear fashion brand, describes her reaction after discovering a tannery had dyed her leather the wrong color.

Raising Money? Don’t Make These 7 Mistakes

October 7, 2015 - 9:00am
Your approach to fundraising can make or break the future stability of your startup.

How To Ramp Up The Energy of Your Next Meeting--In Just 5 Minutes

October 7, 2015 - 8:50am
Even without changing the agenda or the presentations, you can create a more memorable experience

Why America Should Be Happy About the Trans-Pacific Partnership

October 7, 2015 - 8:45am
6 Reasons Why the TPP Trade Deal is Great for America

10 Ways to Reduce Stress in Under 10 Minutes

October 7, 2015 - 8:45am
Running a business requires a clear, relaxed mind. Use these simple tips to get stress-free in a moments notice.

The 60-second Rule for Every Email

October 7, 2015 - 8:30am
Here's the 60-second email rule to help you communicate better, reduce email embarrassment, and look more professional.

5 Things Founders Usually Underestimate

October 7, 2015 - 8:30am
You're probably not worrying about these parts of your business enough.

8 Ways to Sell to an Increasingly Changing U.S. Demographic

October 7, 2015 - 8:20am
Penetrating these rapidly growing markets can mean exponential growth for your company.

Air France HR Lost Their Shirts Over Layoffs. Here’s How You Can Avoid That

October 7, 2015 - 8:15am
Sometimes layoffs are the only thing you can do to keep your business afloat. Do them right and you don't need to worry.

Urban Outfitters to End On-Call Scheduling in New York

October 7, 2015 - 8:09am
Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says the Philadelphia-based retailer plans to phase in the change next month.


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