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Updated: 5 min 27 sec ago

3 Cases When You Absolutely Shouldn’t Sell Your Startup

8 hours 35 min ago
You only get so many at-bats. Money is good. Take it. It gives you options. And makes you braver, maybe, next time.

How to Find and Master the Mystical Unicorn That is ‘Passion’

8 hours 45 min ago
Well, passion is real, and very powerful. But almost everything people believe about finding it is wrong.

Are Tech Startups Really as Valuable as Investors Perceive?

8 hours 50 min ago
Every asset is mis-priced to some degree, and "tech startups" are not one monolithic entity.

How to Act Like You Will Quit and Make Yourself Indispensable

8 hours 50 min ago
Three simple ways to unlock truth-telling in your team right now.

When to Disclose Your Startup’s Secret Sauce Recipe During Acquisition Talks

9 hours 28 sec ago
For cases with super-secret intellectual property such as secret formulae or software code, in some cases the receiving party will engage an independent third-party reviewer trusted by both parties to look at the secret sauce.

Justin Bieber's Manager on the Secret to Better Branding

9 hours 1 min ago
SB Projects founder Scooter Braun talks about repairing a brand's image in the digital age.

Five Reasons NOT to Bootstrap your Startup

9 hours 15 min ago
5 reasons why you need capital to grow your startup

How Steve Jobs Became a Better Boss When He Curbed His Narcissism

9 hours 29 min ago
Even the iconic Apple co-founder learned that a little humility never hurt.

U.S. Business Leaders Cracking Down on Thailand After Slavery Story Surfaces

9 hours 30 min ago
The Associated Press story had investigated enslaved workers being used as fishermen.

Why Scaling a Company Just Got Easier

9 hours 49 min ago
The Securities and Exchange Commission issued new JOBS Act rules. Here's how they might affect you.

How to Get Out of Your March Madness Funk After Your Favorite Team Loses

10 hours 28 sec ago
Easing the very real problem of sports fan depression

4 Tips to Prep Your Workplace for Generation Z

10 hours 15 min ago
The youngest generation with a buzzword-y moniker is now entering the workforce--here's how to ensure you make the most of their talents.

Keeping the Peace: Technology, Stress, and Living a "Thriving" Life

10 hours 35 min ago
Is technology helping us be more efficient or causing us to work more?

Internet Outages Expose Broadband's Vulnerability

10 hours 55 min ago
The U.S. internet infrastructure is still prone to attack, as revealed by an incident in Arizona last month.

7 Ways Shark Tank Is Different From Real Life

11 hours 20 min ago
Is Shark Tank TV Show Like Real LIfe?

Reviewed: The Highly Intelligent LG G Flex 2 Smartphone

11 hours 20 min ago
My review of the LG G Flex 2 smartphone, which has a slight curve to reduce glare and make phone calls a little easier.

Data Ain't a Four-Letter Word When it Sparks Innovation

11 hours 50 min ago
Analytics are driving our company into 2020.

4 Ways to Make Successful Decisions

11 hours 50 min ago
Decisions aren't knowledge - they're best guesses. So make sure you know what you're testing.

How to Capture Innovative Teenage Minds to Propel Your Success

12 hours 10 min ago
There will be an explosion of teenage entrepreneurs by 2020 and you can benefit from it.

6 Inspiring Lessons from Steve Jobs and the Early Days at Apple

12 hours 20 min ago
In the early 1980's, Steve Jobs and his young team showed signs of brilliance. See it for yourself in this little known (but compelling) documentary footage.


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